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Apr 10, 2010 05:25 AM

Sunday Breakfast near Wall Street?


We are going to be in town for a quick overnight next weekend, and we need a reliable place for breakfast on Sunday, relatively close to Wall Street (where we are staying). We live just outside the city and are in frequently, so this doesn't have to be something AMAZING (i.e., Clinton Street Baking Co.), just something convenient and yummy. (And preferably not a fancy brunch i.e. the Ritz-Carlton BP - just not what we're looking for that day.)


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  1. All is pretty quiet on Sunday AM, but the Pearl Street Diner opens at 0730; it is just like the diner in your hometown. Located at 212 Pearl St. (@ Fletcher). If you are speaking of something later, just about every restaurant on Stone Street (alas, not the Patisserie) has a brunch starting at 1100 hrs; outdoor seating everywhere from tables to picknic tables. Ulysses has an especially robust offering: all you can eat for $20.00 (


    Pearl Street Diner
    212 Pearl St, New York, NY 10038

    1. Try Stella on Front Street -- they've picked up the pace in recent months and are serving a truly delicious, though still neighborhood brunch.

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        Pearl Street Diner is a possibility - we're looking for an early-ish breakfast, rather than brunch, so the others won't really work. Upperwestsider - you mentoned the Patisserie - I assume you are talking about Financier? I think their location on Cedar is open on Sundays - perhaps that would be a good option if we aren't looking for a big (diner-type) breakfast?

        Any other ideas? Thanks so much!!

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          Any other ideas out there? Thanks so much!

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            go to chinatown for dim sum
            golden unicorn

      2. Try The Kichenette @ 156 Chambers St. (between Hudson & Broadway). Not far from
        Wall Street in Tribeca. You can even walk. It opens at 9 am on Sundays and has incredible breakfast . Everything I ever had has been good to great. Check out their
        website for the menu. It is truley one of the best bargains around.

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          Thanks everyone, I appreciate the help!