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Apr 9, 2010 08:29 PM

Weekend at Newport, RI, 1st time ever

My man and I are heading to Newport, RI for an wedding in May. We'll have an entire wkd (Fri - Sun), but only 1 evening of the wedding activities. I read a bit of other posts on here recommending different places. I want to know:
1.where do the locals eat?
2. what are the do-not-miss places?
3. where do I go for fresh seafood, and won't pay the tourist prices? (is that possible?)

We are a young couple with very open-minded palate, loves food, but a bit tight on fund. I want my first New England experience to be as full as it can be.... Thanks!

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  1. Hi,,

    You wont be sorry visiting Newport. its better than Providence. So this is where the locals go. Lucia;s, Mama Luisa, BYOB simple Italian food.
    Bouchard for Classical French
    Clark Cooke House
    The Mooring great seafood and its a bit but not crazy expensive
    Tuckers on Broadway
    Salvation Cafe
    Brick Alley simle pub fare
    Inn at Castle Hill expensive but what a place even for a drink Beautiful
    Pasta Beach big local spot simple Italian

    IMO: these are the bust out places
    Red Parrot
    Black Pearl
    Barking Crab

    Pasta Beach
    7 Memorial Blvd, Newport, RI 02840

    Red Parrot
    348 Thames St, Newport, RI 02840

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    1. re: Frank Terranova

      thank you Frank! one more question, what is awful awful? Is that a local specialty?

      1. re: meimei

        As Newport Creamery's advertising copy has been known to say, "It's a drink!" Specifically, an ice cream drink. Even more specifically, a blend of flavored syrup, milk, and a secret frozen ice milk mix. The ice milk differentiates the Awful Awful from its cousins, the Cabinet and the Frappe, and from its evil twin, the Friendly's Fribble Shake. Awful Awfuls are most readily available in Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, Mocha, Strawberry, Mint Chocolate, and Orange flavors, but can be made from any flavor syrup (ipecac-flavored Awful Awful anyone?). They're "Awful big, awful good," and if you can drink three at a sitting, the fourth one is free!

        1. re: meimei

          I agree with John its a drink that needs to be done with out any additions and usually dinner would not be an option after drinking one. When I was a kid they were the thing I have not had one in years many years and since it was taken over I dont know if they still use the same ingredients. If your not an origional Rhode Islander then you have to have a Hot Weiner with coffee milk. and clam cakes. and you need fried clams from scales and shells on thames St. Dont let anyone talk you into Flo's I was there once and it sucked really bad. You will love Newport nice safe nightlife. Could be pricy but fun nice people.

          1. re: Frank Terranova

            Coffee Milk! I have heard of those, and we have the exact same thing growing up in Taiwan! Are there local grocery store where I can pick up the syrup?

            1. re: meimei


              The Syrup is sold in the major grocery stores like Stop and Shop, Shaws just to name the big ones its sold under the maker Autocrat Coffee Syrup. You need to have the Hot Weniers they are a must they are small hot dogs in a steamed bun with mustard a chili like sauce and chopped onions.

              1. re: Frank Terranova

                Just note: The Taiwanese version is different than the one in RI. The one here is thick and very sweet. like Chocolate milk except with coffee.

                1. re: Frank Terranova

                  They also sell coffee syrup and other RI specialties at Only In Rhode Island in Newport.

                  1. re: Alica

                    I grew up on hot weiners in upstate NY. Now that I am in New Engalnd I would love to know WHERE I can find these in newport and beyond. THX

                    1. re: askeenan

                      They don't have hot weiners at Only In RI, they must have them somewhere in Newport. I know they are in Olnyville, RI.

                      1. re: Alica

                        I believe they have them at Ben's Chili Bowl on Broadway...

                        1. re: Sean

                          We went by it on Friday. It's called Ben's Chili Dog. Ben's Chili Bowl is the famous place in Washington DC

                          Ben's Chili Dogs
                          158 Broadway, Newport, RI 02840