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Apr 9, 2010 06:32 PM

What's in Allendale?

I am in town for a week and staying in the Allendale neighborhood. Looking for mostly dinner choices. I've eaten at Cover3 several times and generally like the vibe and food but looking for more.

Any suggestions?

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  1. If you are at Cover three,

    • Head East to the Mall with the big ALAMO sign (cover 3 may actually be in that mall, if so just walk back toward the Alamo cinema), and walk back into that lot. Then, stop at Madam Mam's at the villiage for Thai.

    • Heading Further East cross Burnet: stop at Enchilladas Y Mas for Tex Mex.

    If you are at Cover three,

    • Head west, before you get to Mopac (the big hiqhway) turn right onto Shoal Creek, and go to Satay for Thai. It's kind of pricey, I think, but it's good food and the specialty drinks are interesting.

    • Head west over Mopac, and get Taco Shack breakfast tacos...or at lunchtime....

    * Across the street from Taco Shack (more or less) Is Victory Cafe--good Vietnamese food with a nice patio. Good to eat outside this time of year.

    South of Cover 3:

    • Elsie's (on Burnet), has very good Salvadoran food.

    • If you'd like a good neighborhood tavern, (a place with cheap beer and good burgers and very friendly staff and lots of folks from the surrounding neighborhoods) head down Burnet to Billy's On Burnet. A big hotdog, pile of fries, and a pint of Lonestar will cost you about 6 bucks.

    • If you want to try fancy classic mexican food, Fonda San Miguel is in Allendale. It's not cheap, but it's very good. Sunday Brunch is very worth doing (once a year).

    • If you want wonderful Latina grandmother to make you breakfast or lunch (and you do), head to La Cocina de Consuelo. It's tiny, but the food is great. I've not been for dinner, but that is probably good too. Wonderful staff.

    Billy's On Burnet
    2105 Hancock Dr, Austin, TX 78756

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    1. re: Dave Westerberg

      The vietnamese place across from Taco Shack is "Triumph Cafe," not " Victory."

      1. re: Dave Westerberg

        meatloaf sandwich at Blue Star. chicken sandwich at apothecary. happy hour and empenadas at el arbol.

        1. re: Dave Westerberg

          Stay away from enchiladas y mas. I live a block from it and will drive across town for texmex.

          1. re: f2048

            I would also add to stay away from Taco Shack, because those are the most bland tacos I've ever had in my life. I'd go up to Gracy Farms for Tacodeli.

            12001 N Mo Pac Expy, Austin, TX 78758

            1. re: bookgrrl72

              Or better yet, go to Taqueria Guadalara (or Anarndas) on Burnet toward 2222. You can get tacos for much less $. I'm addicted to their cheese - white cheese that has a nice nutty flavor.

              1. re: rudeboy

                Taqueria Guadalajara is a trailer, blink and you'll miss it.
                I second brentwood's recs of El Caribe and Titaya's below.

              2. re: bookgrrl72

                They're putting a Tacodeli at the new bldg on North Lamar and 43rd, where Uchi is going.

                Uchi Restaurant
                801 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

                12001 N Mo Pac Expy, Austin, TX 78758

                1. re: brentwood

                  Believe me, I am aware. I'm readying my all-muumuu wardrobe as we speak!

            2. re: Dave Westerberg

              I concur for the most part with DW as above, but there are some places in the area that you should definitely avoid, imo, of course. Avoid Suzi's at the corner of Shoal Creek and Anderson, avoid Alborz in the same area. Do not go to the Frisco unless you want a decent hamburger, The 'Frisco, or their top chopt steak which is not what it used to be. (For hamburger, go to Top Notch, or further south to Billy's as already mentioned.)
              Chez Zee, up on Balcones across from the Randall's is almost an Austin institution but I have never really "got it" about why they can persist. Another place that is very popular in the area is Houston's on the corner of Anderson and Burnet. It has a corporate feel but yet I have eaten there several times and find it food passable for the money. All my opinion, of course

              Top Notch
              7525 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78757

              Chez Zee
              5406 Balcones Dr., Austin, TX 78731

              1. re: singlemalt

                I agree about Chez Zee. I was there yesterday for brunch and the food is fine, but it's soooo loud there. I was with older folks and it was very frustrating because they could not hear anything but the music

                It's a very good place to go have "cake for dinner" at 8:30 on a slow day (early in the week), but it's a tough place to have a meal and talk to people, especially when the music is playing.

                Chez Zee
                5406 Balcones Dr., Austin, TX 78731

            3. Near the intersection of N. Lamar and Koenig/2222, check out Titaya's for solid Thai food. [I second the Madam Mam's recommendation, too]

              Also in that area is El Caribe. It's a tiny dive on N. Lamar, and they serve good Mexican cuisine. The small salsa bar at the front of the house always has some good selections.

              I love Billy's. The food's a 3.5 out of 5, but the atmosphere (for me, at least) is a 6. Good beer selection, cool neighborhood crowd, solid jukebox. Parking sucks.

              Also on Hancock is Jorge's for classic Tex-Mex.

              Top Notch on Burnet was the drive-thru set in Dazed and Confused, and there's no better throwback burger in town.

              Top Notch
              7525 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78757

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              1. re: brentwood

                i live in crestview, there are some good suggestions on here

                marisco's on burnet has excellent seafood soup and fish dishes

                la casita on anderson lane about a half mile east of enchiladas y mas is a great authentic tex mex place. you have to ask for it, but get the green sauce. it is like the dona at tacodeli (which is also great, but for nontraditional tacos)

                sarah's mediterranean on burnet is excellent and the owners are great folks. its a grill inside of a small grocery store. the dinner special is always one of the best bangs for your buck in town

                i will second (or third) madam mam's, titaya's, and billy's

                and top notch as well. great burgers, i go there for the fried chicken. old school place

                it closes at 6 but san francisco bakery in the same shopping center as the alamo drafthouse has great soups, sandwiches, and quiches

              2. I second Sarah's. Is the Russian place still open near Shoal Creek/Anderson--I liked the Borscht and herring (not that I'm an expert on Russian food). Speaking of food that I'm not an expert on, Alborz's Persian food fills a niche that this city is lacking.

                I don't really know where Allendale begins/ends but does Sea Dragon at 183/Peyton Gin count? Their Vietnamese dinner specials are great (beef three ways, etc).

                Sea Dragon
                8776B Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78758

                1. Doesn't look like anyone has mentioned Korea House, which is right behind Cover 3. Pretty good Korean BBQ, although you might have to dry-clean your clothes afterward.

                  Korea House
                  501 Village Shopping Ctr, Austin, TX 78701