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Apr 9, 2010 05:30 PM

Prepared Meals Delivery Options

A friend of mine has a temporary need for prepared meals that can be delivered or picked up. I had heard of a company that I think was located on 49th Ave in Vancouver that provided that service but I cannot recall its name. Does that ring a bell with anyone? He is not looking for gourmet but rather tasty reasonably priced north american or ethnic foods.

Thanks for any suggestions

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    1. re: fmed

      That is not the one I remember; It had a variety of frozen dinner options and you could either pick up your order at their site or they had a delivery schedule for various areas of the lower mainland - mainly Van Bur and N Van I think. THe 49th ave location sticks in my mind but so far search engines have not been my friend. Anyway thanks for the suggestion; I'll look into if I can't find the other one.

      1. re: Philx

        you mention frozen and ethnic. though not delivery. there are frozen thai and indian (vij's) available at the fine food outlets.
        imho, the gourmet warehouse and urban fare are good options.

        also can check out

    2. Thanks for the suggestions folks. I will check them out together with the one that I was looking for that I finally found -