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Apr 9, 2010 04:18 PM

Chinese Mirch - Stamford

Does anyone know when they will be opening on Atlantic?

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  1. For anyone else that may be curious, they should be opening next week.

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    1. re: fooodie

      Have you been to the one in the City? if so, what do you think. Sounds like it could be terrific and another in the growing list of Indian restaurants in Stamford. From what I've read about it, Chinese Mirch features sino-indian fusion ala Chilli Chicken at Bulls Head.

      1. re: louuuuu

        I've been to the one in the city and really liked it. I think it's a refreshing change from typical Indian and Americanized Chinese food. From what I understand it's not exactly fusion, more like what you would get if you went to a Chinese restaurant in India although I have no idea if Chinese Mirch is authentic, but it tasted good. I haven't been to Chilli Chiken yet, but they sound similar and it will be interesting to see how they compare.

        1. re: fooodie

          I love Chili Chicken and I'm very excited to try Chinese Mirch!

          1. re: fooodie

            How about Fusion with a small f. Maybe "hybrid" is more accurate since the cuisine is the defacto result of chinese immigration to India over the past centuries rather than the de jure creation of a chef (eg Wolfgang Puck at Chinoise on Main in California back in the 70's... which started the fusion craze with french preparation of chinese foods and is still one of the best restaurants in America.)
            Chilli Chicken is definitely worth a trip to Bulls Head. The Chcken Lollipops are outstanding.

            btw, "Chilli" refers to the peppers that heat up many of the dishes. I notice that Chinese Mirch also has their version of Chicken Lollipops. Look forward to their opening soon. Another downtown Indian... in Stamford's growing Little Mumbai.. .

            1. re: louuuuu

              Maybe if we call it Jewish Fusion we can get someone to open a decent deli around here so jfood can get a pastrami sandwich. :-))

              1. re: jfood

                Great idea. Maybee we call it "JFoosion." So it works in the burbs, think cb w/ mayo on Wonderbread.

                btw, Jfood, your craving for smoked fish and corned beef will be more than satisfied when Fairway opens in the fall in Stamford.

                1. re: louuuuu

                  jfood is typing as he eats a sable on a bagel from mt kisco with some herring on the side. yabba dabba doo

      2. Chinese Mirch at Stamford should be opening on April 27th to public.
        Be there to taste the delicious Chinese food with the indian flavor.
        m all excited..Heard the longue is amazing...My next hangout place for sure.

        1. The opening is on May 3. Preview night is on April 28.

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          1. re: krystle920

            Stamford Notes has a post up. Looks like she was there on the preview night:

            We walked by on Friday night (had dinner at Chavin) and were surprised at how modern/upscale looking it was inside. Not sure what I was expecting - haven't been to the NYC location.

          2. Had a date night at Chinese Mirch this weekend. The food was good and the wait staff was very friendly. We mad a reservation, which was necessary, almost every table was filled or reserved. We had a hard time deciding what to order, everything looked yummy!
            I had a Mirch Mojito, their pineapple mojito which was only ok. We started with the Momos (steamed chicken dumplings also available with a vegetable filling), they were a little bland. We then enjoyed sharing the Chicken Hot Garlic, Lamb Manchurian and Szechuan Fried Rice. This Chicken was listed with 3 asterisks meaning it was among the hottest dished, but we found the lamb, which has only 2 asterisks, had more heat and we preferred that flavor of onion, ginger and garlic. The thin pieces of lamb where moist and tender. I will try the Chicken Manchurian on another visit. The rice also had 3 stars but how hot can rice become? (In fairness I'm a mouth-on-fire spicy food lover and was looking forward to a bit of the sniffles as this seems to be what the restaurant wants to deliver, but I was underwhelmed by the level of heat. Many poeple probably prefer the dishes the way they are, next time I plan to ask for things to be "extra spicy")
            Also, I asked the waiter what noodle dish both tables next to us had ordered which smelled and look delicious, it was the Spicy Chop-Suey, I'm looking forward to trying this dish! The Five Spice Roast Duck also looked awesome.
            I will be going back! I think it will be one of our new favorite spots with good food at a reasonable price and a fun atmosphere which can be opened to the elements.
            Looking forward to hearing what you all think after your visits.

            (Side note about refreshing cocktails - I had a Patron Strawberry Mojito at Mary Ann's Mexican in the bar which was just delicious! Typically made with rum the tequila was a nice twist.)

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            1. re: 203KatieCT203

              any idea if they have soup dumplings? have not found any ct restaurants that have them on the menu.

                1. re: 203KatieCT203

                  I'm not an Indian/Chinese food expert, but being listed under "Soups," their "Chicken Dumpling Soup" (chicken consomme with chicken dumplings), does not seem like it is the classic Shanghainese soup dumpling, which is not a soup at all.

                  1. re: plien69

                    funny what simple syntax can do to meaning, eh?

                    Echoing what plien69 said, LW1 is looking for soup dumplings, not dumpling soup. In the former, the soup is contained in the dumpling, in the latter, the dumpling is contained in the soup.

                    I'm on a turn-of-phrase roll here...

                    I'm not positive, but I think the indo-sino fusion usually found in places like Mirch don't have a strong Shanghai presence (from whence soup dumplings derive). Mirch and its ilk tend to be more cantonese and szechuan inspired.

              1. re: 203KatieCT203

                Anyone know if they have a lunch menu? Takeout?

                1. re: Silli

                  I don't think there is a lunch menu and for takeout, it is the regular menu that's listed online. I did takeout there this weekend--make sure you check the bag because I didn't get any utensils!

                  I had the Chicken Hot Garlic and like 203Katie, I didn't find it to be very hot, certainly not worth 3 out of 3 stars. The dish was a la carte and in a takeout container came as small pieces of chicken swimming in the sauce--the price was a bit high for the portion that I got. They also included a baggie of fried noodles and 3 containers of sauce--red chili paste, soy sauce and a clear liquid (didn't try this one). Overall, I was disappointed by the experience and if I was to go back, I would try a noodle or rice dish instead.

              2. According to DSS website, they will soon offer a Dim Sum brunch.

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                1. re: louuuuu

                  I tried Braised Bokchow and it was I have atleast some choice in Stamford for a good Chinese food apart from PF Changs.