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Apr 9, 2010 01:35 PM

Burger place on Smith in old Patois spot

Came back from a vacation to find that the Patois-to-Provence-owned spot on Smith is now a burger joint! The phrase "things come and go so quickly here" came to mind. Anyone tried the new place yet? Thinking about getting a quick burger there after work tonight and just wondering.

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  1. I passed by a couple times in the last week. Wasn't open when I walked by and the "Le Petit Provence" menu was still outside, although it had a burger joint sign up over the storefront.

    Didn't that "Le Petite Provence" place just open a few months ago?

    The Patois spot still has a ways to go to be the true "revolving door" like that corner of Smith and Pacific Streets that seems like kind of running joke or something.

    In any event, If it is not yet open as a burger joint and you are the mood for a burger, the "Ultimate Burgers and Dogs" on Degraw is pretty decent.

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      Thanks boccalupo. I've been meaning to try the place on Degraw and I'm sure I'll get to it as the weather gets better. But the place on Smith is closer and there's an imperative to get home in time for DH to watch golf tonight (sigh).

      It's definitely not a revolving door location (Patois was there almost as long as I've lived in the 'hood); my comment was made more generally. Pale attempt at humor? :)

      1. re: bklynite

        Thought it was funny...

        Patois was there for a long time. But now If they are going to start to have a new place there every few months, they are well on their way to becoming like the legendary Smith/Pacific corner spot.

        Ulitmate delivers too if that helps.

        Wing Bar also has burgers I think, I've never tried them there though.

        But would love to hear a report on this new burger joint if you get to try it.

      2. re: boccalupo

        I haven't tried the new place on Smith but got delivery once from "Ultimate Burgers and Dogs" and the burgers and fries were not good at all. It's worth it to make the trip to 5 guys on Montague.

        1. re: venezuelan

          Odd that you'd review Ultimate Burger and Dogs fries.

          My review from October:

          1. re: CGeats

            Well, maybe they should. Actually, tots are about the only decent things I've gotten from that place. Oh how I miss Chicory. Their burgers, though are quite UN-ultimate... Not even PenUltimate. Lame, actually, in my humble opine. And I've tried several times. You are correct, though. How can they screw up fries if they don't make them? I'm sure they'd find a way.

            1. re: CGeats

              Ugh, I completely forgot that my bland burger was accompanied with cold, greasy tater tots! And flavorless onion rings. Thanks for reminding me.

              1. re: CGeats

                Actually they do now make fries. Not sure if they always have them.

                Crinkle cut.

                Burgers and fries are not ideal for delivery in general and quality oftens depends on how long it takes from preparation to reaching the custormer. That said, Ultimate was good the times I have had it delivered.

            2. re: boccalupo

              The burger place is still owned by Provence en Boite's owners. They just moved the concept from a "petite" version of the bigger place to that of a burger place and got themselves someone who can do this. We havent yet been but it certainly follows the now fashionable burger or pizza or sandwich trend in new places these days.

              Provence en Boite
              263 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

            3. We did end up at JB's, the formerly-Patois-and-Provence burger place and came away pretty satisfied. The burgers were cooked to order, tasty (if not fabulous), large and served on wonderful freshly-made buns with a side of fries and the usual condiments. Some of these cheeses weren't available so we ended up with American (I'd been hoping for Swiss) but hopefully they'll get that problem straightened out. The really tasty pickle on the side was a plus, as opposed to the not-fully-pickled and often floppy versions often served at diners. The price was just under $10 for the burger w/fries, which isn't bad at all. I think they're a good addition to Smith St. and I hope they can hang on for awhile!