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Apr 9, 2010 01:16 PM

best sushi in arlington?

If I want great sushi, I generally go downtown to Kaz. What are some great sushi options in Arlington for when heading downtown's not an option? I like Asahi in Courthouse but looking for something with a little more atmosphere.

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  1. If you could make it to McLean- Tachibana is great.

    In Arlington- Endo is ok, nothing special- not great atmosphere. Cafe Asia has better atmosphere the sushi is ok, not great, but if you stick to the basics, ok. Sushi Rock is just opening soon. Matsutake is more of a habachi with sushi.

    Sushi Zen in the Lee Harrison shopping center is a pretty good little place. Not a ton of atmosphere, but nice little Mom and Pop sushi place.

    4121 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22203

    Cafe Asia
    1550 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22209

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      OMG i totally forgot sushi zen! i used to live right by that little shopping strip. It was a cute spot! great lunch specials, too.

    2. I joined some friends for happy hour last night at Sushi Rock. I think it has some great potential. We had sweet and sour wings that had a great kick. Then we had rolls with scallops and bacon, california rolls, and also the unique ham and pineapple roll. The sushi chef used to be at SEI. The crowds are building but it was only about half full last night. It is a cool atmosphere. The whole place is red and black with drumsticks behind the bar and modern chrome and glass chairs and tables. They had a great playlist and all the staff were excited and helpful. It's worth a try

      1. We like Bonsai in Shirlington, it's a nice low key place, the sushi's good, and prices aren't outrageous. It's a nice place to go before or after a movie.