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Apr 9, 2010 12:47 PM

boston hounds headed to south beach for a bachelorette

hi all,

5 20-something hounds will be in south beach next week looking for a range of lunch/dinner/drink options. Looking for solid food of all sorts, perhaps a splurge one night but mostly moderately priced dinners., cheap and tasty lunches w. drinks. we are well behaved but lively/outdoor atmosphere is appreciated.pretty clueless about the dining scene any recs appreciated. thanks!

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  1. lunch you describe is a tall order...

    books & books (good) - excellent location

    balans (ok) - excellent location

    front porch (I would eat breakfast type stuff there which is good - rest of food is ok- they serve breakfast until 5pm) - good location

    big pink (ok) - good location

    burgers and beer (very good but a bit out of the way for you) - ok location if there are people there, otherwise not. I have always seen at least a decent lunch crowd though...

    standard (good but overpriced) - excellent location but out of the way

    all the lunch places mentioned work for dinner too except big pink and front porch which are lunch only recs.

    Casa Tua, Quattro (very very expensive, not worth the money foodwise but these spots are very nice)

    Joe Allen (moderate - pretty lively indoor dinner scene solid food)

    Solea (expensive - pretty lively on weekends you can then head over for drinks at Mr
    Chow in the same hotel which is the best scene in town right now. Mr Chow is not recommended for food - very very expensive - I have not been to the one here but was not a huge fan of the one in NY)

    Scarpetta - (very expensive) but great food. It is worth it. Fountainbleu is fun on the weekend.

    Nobu - (very expensive) have not been in a while but used to be a bachlorette standard, probably still is

    Bond St. - (expensive) best sushi in town which is not saying much - good scene - but is indoors.

    Sardinia (moderate/expensive) - I would do a lower key night here. Scene varies but is usually pretty decent.

    Asia de Cuba - (expensive) go on friday only - great scene, perfect for bachelorette party but the food is only ok.

    Joe Allen Restaurant
    1787 Purdy Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

    Casa Tua
    1700 James Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139