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Apr 9, 2010 12:15 PM

vietnamese spring salad around chinatown

Any recommendations for good vietnamese spring salad? (it may have other names, I don't know. It's basically cold cellophane noodles with a sweetish/sour dressing and some sprouts and vegetables, and some warm grilled meat) I work near chinatown and have been getting it at Cafe 900 and used to get it at the place near the convention center that is now a japanese/chinese place (used to be the Lucky Noodle House several years back). Anyway, the Cafe 900 spring salad is decent, but I'd like some other choices.

Noodle House
2313 US Highway 1 Ste 4, North Brunswick, NJ 08902

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  1. I think what you are referring to is "bun", which is a rice vermicelli dish served with spouts, veggies and all different types of meats (grilled pork, spring roll, cured pork, etc.) and served with that delicious sweet fish chili sauce.

    Just about any vietnamese restaurant would be good, but since your in chinatown, i would suggest either Vietnam restaurants (Restaurant or Palace). Out of those 2, I would pick the Palace.

    For the best one in philly, go no further than Nam Phuong on Washington Ave.

    There is a vietnamese spring salad, but it mainly consists of either cabbage or some other greenish plant (I want to say papaya but i could be wrong), the sweet fish chili sauce (nuoc mam) and usually mint and steamed chicken chunks.

    Let me know if this helps

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      Sounds like bun to me. Second Nam Phuong - the best. - and yes you are thinking of green papaya salad - I prefer it with beef jerky or shrimp.

    2. We like Vietnam Palace, on N. 11th Street between Race and Vine. I don't know if they have your spring salad, but you could try them.

      1. Thank you. Bun is definitely it, altho at the place I get it they call it "vietnamese spring salad. Nam Phuong is too far for lunch, unfortunately, but I'll try the other places closer that are recommended. Thank you!