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Apr 9, 2010 09:19 AM

Nashua: Looking for your favorite friday night it's raining don't feel like cooking restaurant.

It's friday and I am not in the mood to prepare a fabulous meal for my family and ordering pizza or chinese isn't going to work either.

What is your favorite "it's always good there" restaurant? Looking for any type of food. We will eat pretty much anything.

Hoping there is a secret gem we have missed in Nashua!

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  1. On a tip from here I finally tried Tacos Colima recently. The food is excellent, and cheap, but not the kind of place you go to for "atmosphere". On a rainy night, my food of preference is Pho, so I would head to the Noodle House on Main St., but that's just my personal craving!

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      I second the Tacos Colima suggestion; just went there Wednesday for the first time and was impressed by the variety of offerings, the quality and freshness of the food, and the price. Ample servings, too. Get a side order of guacamole if you go--I've never had it quite like they make it and have been dreaming about it since!

    2. I'm guessing you wanted this info last night...but I'll respond anyway! LOL

      We really like Cedar's Cafe...near Applebees on Amherst St. Great hummus, tabouleh, etc.

      Shira Kiku off exit 6 is great too if you are in the mood for Korean.

      I used to be a big fan of Cucina Toscana but I think it's gone downhill a bit. Maybe I just went on an off night.

      Saffron Bistro downtown is great if you want something a bit nicer.

      Saffron Bistro
      80 Main St, Nashua, NH 03060

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        Not to hijack, but I'd love to hear about Cedar's...I've never seen it, where is it exactly?? A Middle-Eastern type place? Do they have falafel?

        1. re: solargarlic

          It's in Somerset Plaza--that's the Market Basket plaza up by Exit 8. They do have falafel; I haven't eaten there recently, but my co-workers go often and love it.

          Market Basket
          RR 1, Rockland, ME 04841

      2. Meena's Kitchen--great South Indian veggie cuisine.

        1. Follow up: We ended up at Amigos (because it's close to the Y). Probably will not eat there again. Not the greatest mexican food. Seasoning was bland and it was just all around not that great. The staff was really nice so I'd probably go back for drinks in the downstairs bar.
          Since it's another rainy night Friday night and once again I don't feel like cooing I think we'll try Shira Kiku. Thanks for al the replies. Next Friday (if it's raining) we'll try Cedar's Cafe.
          And we love Meena's. By far the best of the best Indian and vegetarian food around.

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          1. re: freshveggie

            have you tried sabor brasil in nashua? its friendly, fast (brazilian bbq/buffet) reliable, nothing fancy, and very reasonable.

            to me, cedar's, which i like quite well, is more of a lunch place.

            1. re: qianning

              I'd also like to give Sabor Brasil a hearty recommendation. You can pay by the pound and I challenge anyone to eat more than $10-$12 dollars worth, or all you can eat Rodizio is about $20 bucks. The food is excellent.

              Sabor Brasil
              42 Canal St, Nashua, NH 03064

            2. re: freshveggie

              Where is that Amigos? I know of the one in Milford (which also was not so great), but I know there isn't a Y nearby and I don't think a downstairs bar.

              1. re: solargarlic

                The other Amigos is where Ya Mamma used to be. I'd rather go to Taco Bell.

                1. re: SuperGrover

                  Is that in Nashua, or Merrimack? I didn't think Amigos had a place in Nashua.

                  1. re: Tante

                    Merrimack,on DW Highway not too far north of Nashua.

              2. re: freshveggie

                Aw, Amigo's, a chain, bummer.
                You are on the right track though; Nashua's best non-chain sure fire restaurants are the non-english ones...
                But stay away from those 6,456 chains.
                Nashua is a classic "chain trap" city with the next Longhorn's, Olive Garden \, 5 Guys, Applebees, etc. just an armreach away. But nested among them are quite reasonable good restaurants such as Indian Village, Lilac Blossom (oops, that's Chinese, but it's good), Brasor (already mentioned, but check to see when it's open first), Surf, Pizzico, and who knows how many smaller more secret places are around (look up "Nashua", there's really some good places.)