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Apr 9, 2010 08:54 AM

Sunday Pre-dawn @ Megabus Stop 7th Ave & 28th St or South Ferry 1 Subway Stop


We're arriving 4:40 am on a Sunday morning at the Megabus stop at 7th Ave & 28th St., right in front of the Fashion Institute of Technology. We plan to get day Metrocard passes from the fare machine in the subway stop on the SW corner of 7th Ave & 28 St. (note: check to see if that entrance is open that early) and head down on the 1 line subway to the South Ferry stop and take the Staten Island Ferry and be on the water at dawn, around 6:30.

Looking for recommendations for coffee and a snack or breakfast either near the Megabus stop or down by South Ferry.

I eat a gluten free (no wheat, rye, barley, oats) diet so diner/Indian/Thai/Vietnamese is more workable that deli/traditional bakery/Chinese (most soy sauce has wheat in it).

We're adventurous eaters.

This is New York - there must be something great open that early in the morning!

Thank you.

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  1. Unfortunately 28th and 7th is a desert for anything decent. But I'm sure there's a passable diner near there. Someone else can chime in on that. Not sure about South Ferry, but not many options near there either that I can think of. Sorry for the complete lack of assistance. Are you totally committed to your 6:30 ferry?

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      When I go somewhere I like to take a boat ride, climb to the top of someplace tall and go to a grocery store. I haven't picked the someplace tall or the grocery store, but I want to be on the water at dawn.

    2. Sounds fun. The food options are a bit tricky. The area right near the ferry is a dead zone, better get food uptown. Near 28th, there are 24-hour corner deli places (on 7th between 26/27 or 24/25 Streets). Gluten-free options may be scarce, but you can probably get something packaged or eggs from the griddle, and coffee.
      The Malibu Diner has a broad menu and is on 23rd (between 6/7 avenues). There is another subway stop right there on 23rd.
      Cafeteria (on 17th) tries to have that all night party atmosphere. Check the nighttime menu for options.

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        I picked two culinary wastelands - hope this isn't an omen ;)

        Thanks for the picks. Malibu Diner is closer to a subway stop than Cafeteria, although I can't find a website for either restaurant.

        Malibu Diner
        163 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011

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          Malibu's a diner; it's unlikely they have a website at all.

      2. Walk or take a short cab ride to L'Express at Park & 20th. They're open all night, atmosphere is great (very French--the place is Lyonnais), food is very good, and you can get a full breakfast at that time. From there you can catch the R to South Ferry from Union Square. Here's their graveyard shift menu:

        249 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003

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          We went with the Malibu Diner. Arrived at the Megabus stop @ 7th Ave & 28th Street @ 4:42 am, got our 1-Day Fun Passes from the Farecard machine in the subway, and took the subway down to 23rd Street. Walked across 7th Ave and Malibu Diner was about 3 storefronts from the corner - we could see the diner awning from 7th Ave.

          Good basic breakfast, great people watching as the last of the just-going-home crowd overlapped with the just-getting-up-real-early crowd. Lots of mirrors, might be a funhouse effect if one had been drinking a lot ;) Two coffees, two big egg, bacon, potatoes and toast (no toast for me) breakfasts cost $16.40 with tax but before tip.

          We didn't make the SI ferry at dawn. There's a kerfluffle going on with the 1 line so we had to take a shuttle bus from Chambers Street to South Ferry and that delayed us a bit. Still was a beautiful spring morning on the water. I noticed coffee stands at the SI ferry terminal in both the boarding area and the exit ramp area , but didn't see hours of operation.

          Next time, L'Express! It's only a mile walk further east on 23rd and south down Park.

          Thanks to all for the local knowledge. Knowing where that caffeine lifeline was made getting off the bus a lot easier. ;)

          249 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003

          Malibu Diner
          163 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011