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Apr 9, 2010 08:25 AM

Road Trip from NY to Pittsburgh: Need Recs along the Way


We are road tripping from NY to Pittsburgh in a week or so and will need to stop at least once, maybe twice along the way. Are there any cute towns or great road food to stop for? I'd rather not detour into Philly if possible.

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  1. where starting from and what route? I-80 or Turnpike?

    1. Assuming you are going via 78/76-there are two solid diners just off the highway.
      We always get out of town very early to avoid traffic, and stop for breakfast at the Skyview Country Restaurant in Krumsville-about 2 hours out-take exit 40 on I78. turn left on 737 and it's at the top of the rise just across from the Shell station (you can see the sign from the highway).
      Further along, about 5 hours out is the Summit Diner-a classic style diner with some great pie by the slice-one you get past the motels just off the exit and go further in you'll find a pretty nice little town.

      One other spot is Shartlesville-I wasn't overwhelmed by Haag's, where we ate, but it's a quirky old-style roadside attraction kind of town-

      Skyview Country Restaurant
      1501 Krumsville Rd, Lenhartsville, PA 19534

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        A couple of years ago, after passing Roadside America for years and years, we decided to stop. Admission was only $5 and it was the best model railroad display I have seen (I have heard of others that are supposedly better but at three times the price). We then stopped for lunch at Haig's in Shartlesville. We had the PA Dutch family-style meal. I agree with David W that it was not what one would call a CH meal, but it was pretty good and we had a fun couple of hours.

      2. We are taking 78/76 for time reasons, and thank you for the suggestions...we might try to leave post-NYC rush hour so lunch and maybe a snack would be great!!

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          There are very few places to stop on 78 from NJ to Harrisburg, so your choices are limited. We actually stop at Cabela's. Hubby likes to nose around in the fishing dept., kids love looking at the fish tanks and taxidermy displays and I tend to get a venison sausage in their cafeteria. Definitely NOT CH meal, but a nice break for everyone. At the western end, my FIL who travels frequently from Central PA to Cleveland will purposely time his trips so that he gets to stop in Bedford at Ed's Steakhouse for either lunch or dinner. I've only joined him there twice, but is also on the "pretty good for basic homestyle cooking" category.

        2. Somerset is a great town and Summit Diner is a great diner. I hope you enjoy the Laurel Highlands in a great time of the year.

          Summit Diner
          791 N Center Ave, Somerset, PA 15501