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Apr 9, 2010 08:23 AM

Fishers & Farmers (nee Agraria) in G'town

I've searched here, but I haven't found many specifics about Fishers & Farmers in Georgetown since it relaunched a little while back. Anyone been there in 2010? Any recommendations?

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  1. I was there in February. It was a very nice surprise. I had the special salmon of the night. It was Kung Pao style and was really delicious. It was on a bed of home made "rice a roni." I will echo the sentiments of other reviews I have seen by saying that was a bit bizarre but tasted great. The salmon was cut into chunks and had this great spicy and citrusy kung pao sauce on it. It also had peanuts on it that were a part of the dish but likely never cooked. they added a great crunch and change of textures. I also had a good porter on draft. I have been wanting to go back since then. I was very weary because I have had two bad experiences at Founding Farmers and have sworn it off.
    It is a great option for the area. Check it it out next time you are in Georgetown or just want a nice outdoor experience. (not nec. for a special trip)

    Founding Farmers
    1924 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20006

    1. I held a group function there for work a few weeks back. I ate lunch there when shopping around for a location...

      We really only tasted the items that were on the private dining menu. We got the table-side guacamole, crab dip, salmon (cowboy style with cilantro butter), and goat cheese ravioli. It was all good, my dining partner loved the cowboy style preparation with the cilantro butter. I would have liked the guacamole to have a bit more kick, but they made it table-side, so I would ask for a bit more jalapeno next time. Goat cheese ravioli was good, but you have to really love goat cheese. By ravioli #3 I was ready to eat the rest of the guac as my meal.

      Our lunch came out to almost $70. Thankfully they comp'd it for us since we were holding our dinner there.

      As for the private dining part, the room was fantastic for our purposes and I had no complaints about the food. And at $37/pp it was a bargain for the location.