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Apr 9, 2010 07:15 AM

Bordeaux 2009 En Primeurs

Well, the Spectator scores are out, and Parker's won't be far away, so - what are the Chowhounds going to buy for future drinking, or for investment?

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  1. Regardless of the scores, I think the prices will be coming down for these wines in a few years. There is just too much '07 and '08 in the pipeline and on shelves. These remind me of the '05s, highly hyped, highly priced, and now available for much less than they were when they first came out. It is just too easy to find older Bordeaux at reasonable prices to commit now.

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      the '06 prices I've reviewed recently are lower than they were when they were futures, probably because economic conditions in the major markets worsened and those inventories had to be moved as the more recent vintages are released.