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Apr 8, 2010 11:50 PM

Best food and free wifi??

We are looking for a place in S.F. that is a combination of good food, not too pricey, and free wifi. There are plenty of cafes that offer free wifi, but don't have much in the way of food ... we are looking for that perfect combination of both! Any ideas?

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  1. What part of town are you looking for? I certainly wouldn't drive across town just for free wifi, especially since you might be able to use tethering for free if you have an unlimited data plan on a 3G network on your cell phone plan. Case in point, my cell phone can be used as a wifi router (with the right additional software) giving anyone with a wifi enabled device (and the knowledge of the password) the ability to access the internet through my cell phone provider's 3G network. On a recent trip to L.A., I used my cell phone for wifi rather than paying the hotel their outrageous fees for internet access. I was able to hook up my laptop as well as well as a relative's iPod Touch without any problems. Just for fun, I tried the speed test at on my laptop and got a download speed of over 1.6Mb/s, which is usually more than adequate for me. (Never ever achieved even half that rate doing the same experiment in San Francisco, though.)

    Having said that, South Beach Cafe has good food and promises free wifi. I've never tried the wifi there, but I've found the reasonably priced food to be really good value and it's in a very cool location if you like South Beach.

    1. BrainWash Cafe in SOMA. You can also do your laundry there, play pinball, and catch live music.

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        I had one of the best burgers I've ever had in the city there a few years ago. Was an awesome surprise, and always wonder if it's really as good as I remember it.

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          my favorite part is that it serves both cafe food (espresso drinks, pastries, etc.) and bar food (beer, fish and chips), and does everything well.

      2. Atlas Cafe in the Mission (or maybe it's Potrero). I recently had their smoked trout sandwich with fig chutney and it was absolutely delicious. I find their whole menu to be creative with unique combinations. The vibe is casual and relaxed, and yes they have free wifi. Cash only.

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          That's definitely the Mission. Do you know if the wi-fi extends to the outside area?