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Apr 8, 2010 11:47 PM

Dinner in Barcelona on Sunday night

Will spent a few days in Barcelona next week. Have already booked the Olive, Sauc and Hisop. A lot of the nice restaurants recommended in the board are closed on Sunday. Parc Meralgo is closed till the 20th of April . Could anyone please give me some suggestion on where to go on Sunday night?

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  1. Cerveceria Catalana is open on Sunday nights. It's on Calle Mallorca off Passeig de Gracia. Not in the fancy realm of things like Paco Meralgo but their tapas is very good. Sounds like your dinners are booked but if you get a chance, check out Embat for lunch. They don't speak English there but if you know a little spanish, it's worth going. One of the best meals I had in Spain.

    1. Casa Delfin on the Paseo del Born, 36 has been revamped and is very good. It was a rather rough and ready classic Catalan restaurant which served the old market traders for years. Huge portions of tripe, salt cod, calamares and butifarra but now it continues to serve these dishes in a more papalatable form plus fresh fish and rice dishes. It´s not in the guide books yet but soon will be.

      1. Senyor Parellada is open Sundays and serves good traditional Catalan food in a nice setting. Be sure to reserve or show up a few minutes before they open at 8:30 or you won't get in. I have not been to Cerveceria Catalana but a Spanish friend of mine thought it was very good.

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          Thank you very much indeed for the useful information.
          Whimsygirl, trying the tapas in Cerveceria catalana seems to be a good idea. However we are a group of 11 people and do you think it will be feasible for us to get a table there? Otherwise I could try the Senyor Paraellada suggested by rrems.

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            How about Euskal Etxea at the cultural centre? According to their website in Spanish/Catalan, the restaurant is open on Sundays for both lunch and dinner. Moreover, you might be able to make an online booking at for your 11 people and have a look at the menu too. I haven't been there yet. Can anyone comment on the quality of their dinner experience?