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Apr 8, 2010 08:39 PM

Cheese subscription - local, all natural, in traditional European styles

I am about to buy a share of this "cheese CSA" - so exciting! Has anyone else ever bought a season's worth of cheese from Yellow Springs?

I'll report on my experiences once I have some! :-)

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  1. Please do! I'm generally disappointed with local cheeses (I've never had yellow springs though)... they just aren't the same as good old european ones. The good news is the cheesemakers are slowly getting better around here..

    how does this work though? do you pick it up or is it delivered to you?

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    1. re: padovana

      Padovana, you can pick it up @ the farm or at another site, and apparently they are coordinating with a veggie CSA to do drop-offs at more spots to make it more convenient, like Jenkins Arboretum, for example.

      I wonder if you have tried (as Francis mentioned below) Birchrun Hills Farm cheeses. I think they're incredible.

      And Hendrick's too.

      Oh, and Shellbark, if you like goat cheese.

      Hey, check this out! (Handcrafted PA cheeses

    2. I plan on buying some of their cheese today. The pennypack market is opening today and they sell their cheese and they also offer the cheese share. I was hesitant to get a whole cheese share without trying it first.

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      1. re: b1979

        mawrter and b1979, pls let us know how it is. I live very close and I live for cheese. Never heard of them before, but I am curious. Nearby Birchrun Hills farm makes excellent cheeses that you can get at the Phoenixville market.

        We have joined a few CSAs before, but you either get way more than you can eat (Birchrun Hills farm) or way too little (Maysie's). We have just never found the right balance for us. But we're still looking.

        1. re: FrancisdeR

          Hey Francis - too funny, we had a share from Birchrun Hills in 2003, the one & only time we joined a CSA! Veggies, not cheese, of course - they weren't selling cheese yet then.

          I'm glad you're still looking b/c they are so worth it. I garden, so I don't do a CSA anymore, just supplement from the PFM whatever I'm not growing or don't have enough of.