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Apr 8, 2010 08:32 PM

Charlotte - Where to watch the Masters?

Hitting Charlotte for a matinee of 'Jersey Boys'.
Where are some of the best places to go after for us to watch the MAsters?
It's a group of couples (so no Plasma strip clubs),
and we can go for cocktails or early dinner.

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  1. Where is the Jersey Boys? Blumenthal in Uptown?

    1. I'd like to start a post called "Charlotte - Where to avoid the Masters". But since that probably won't stay up long and is probably an impossible task, I suggest you go right across the street to Ri-Ra. They have a couple of TVs up and it's a nice spot on a Friday afternoon. A few blocks north is Fox and Hound. Lots of TVs upstairs and down.

      Fox and Hound
      15235 John J Delaney Dr Ste P, Charlotte, NC 28277

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      1. re: southernitalian

        Don't eat or get cocktails at Fox & Hound though -- they can't mix a drink and the food is awful. It's OK for a beer or two and there are plenty of TVs.

        When's the show? That makes all the difference because if a weekend day, I might suggest that there's better bar food at Black Finn in Epicentre -- but I wouldn't recommend Epicenter on a Friday after work.

        Fox & Hound
        367 Lower Mall Dr, Winston Salem, NC 27103

        1. re: HungryGrayCat

          I wouldn't recommend Black Finn or anything else at EpiCenter unless you're 21 and half in the bag already. I'm gonna stick with Ri-Ra. The food is pretty simple but good and the Guiness is perfect. I went for lunch a couple of weeks ago while there was a matinee about to start and it was pretty crowded with a lot of people with Jersey accents but we were seated right away (and those accents made me homesick).

      2. I should have been more specific.
        It's a matinee, so we are out at 3 or so.
        I'm going with Ri-Ra based on two points.
        Guiness & Jersey accents.
        I'm comfortable with both...
        Thanks Folks!

        1. Ri Ra's won. Great big Plasma to watch a great golf game.
          Good beers except for the Black & Tan's not using Bass.
          Not too upset 'cause I'm a 1/2 & 1/2 'keep it in Ireland' old school guy.

          Then to Mimosa for a great dinner; ESPECIALLY the Mac N'Cheese!