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Apr 8, 2010 07:44 PM

Alaskan King Crab - Eating Alone

I'm traveling here from Toronto. Would love to try the King Crab, but am worried that it'll be too much for one person.

Any place that would have smaller (if that makes sense), or portions.


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  1. I'm assuming you are wanting fresh (live) King Crab....All places that serve it can offer you a small one (in th 6-7 lb range...maybe smaller - with the caveat that the shell-to-meat ratio goes up as weight goes down.) If you order even a larger one "two ways", I think you can finish it (I know I can). Two ways usually means steamed legs with garlic or someother flavourizer plus deep-fried spicy knuckles.

    Check the price, as it may up into the stratosphere again. It'll be expensive.

    1. That would be an insanely expensive meal for just one person... We were at Kirin in New West a few weeks ago when the King Crab season ended, and the prices doubled to about $26/lb.

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      1. re: flowbee will be really pricey right now (6 lb = $156 at $26/lb). You can't just buy a portion of a have to commit to the whole thing.

        You can buy frozen legs at Costco and prep it yourself....but fresh is just sooo much better.

        1. re: fmed

          If you can't eat a whole king crab yourself), go for the next best thing and do a spot prawn feast. The better chinese seafood places have live spot prawns and they are a west coast delicacy. Or you could splurge and do a king crab and keep half for lunch the next day. Cold crab is mighty good too. But not cheap at all. Don't know where you are staying but you could buy a live one (T&T) and cook it yourself and save a bunch (I think it is about $14/lb right now).

          1. re: jcolvin

            Where is a good place to go for a giant spot prawn feast? Is there anywhere downtown...?

            1. re: slyeats

              Loads of Seafood restaurants in Richmond (I don't understand how there can be so many, actually); in Vancity your best bet would be Sun Sui Wah. It's on Main street around 23rd so not quite downtown.

      2. We (three of us) bought a live king crab from T&T on the weekend. At $24/lb for a 7 lb crab is was around $170. Dealing with it was rather like battling a giant spider in lord of the rings. It's not the same as a dungeness at all; you can't just boil it whole. I ended up killing it by stabbing it between the eyes with a skewer, then pulling it apart. Separated it into the leg sections and steamed it briefly. There is also meat in the lantern tail, but no tasty brown body meat like in a dungeness. Fantastic, sweet and crunchy. Next year we'll get another in season when it is cheaper.

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        1. re: jcolvin

 must have been like Alien vs Terminator in your kitchen. (I've had the T&T guys chop it up for me in the past).

          1. re: fmed

            Its insides were the most alien-looking thing I've dealt with apart from sea urchins.