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Apr 8, 2010 07:04 PM

Hip, good scene with good choices for a vegetarian

My sister in law is coming to town next weekend and she is fun, cool, but alas....a vegetarian. I never take notice of veggie only dishes as I eat meat. Can some hip vegetarians chime in and let me know there favorite places to eat and be seen? I want to show her a good time and have her enjoy her meal too!

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    Hangawi is a fully vegetarian Korean restaurant, however, the dishes are prepared in such a way that carnivores, like myself, don't feel cheated out of a great meal. the restaurant is highly stylized and very different from most others.

    i take exception to a few things about the place, namely that the waitstaff isn't Korean and that they charge for rice/kimchi, but this likely wouldn't bother most others.