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Apr 8, 2010 06:46 PM

kid friendly restaurants near Courtyard Marriott, Phillie

We will be in Phillie this weekend at the Courtyard Marriott with 8 year olds. Any good places near there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Also, what meal and which place should we go to at Reading Terminal Market? Sat. lunch or Sun. breakfast? What is a good pick near the Liberty Bell? Any recos would be appreciated.

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  1. Reading Terminal Market is your best bet close by for breakfast and lunch. The Market is not open for dinner and the Sunday offerings are much less with the Amish Merchants being closed that day. Given that, I would say go to the Dutch Eating Place for a late breakfast on Saturday morning for pancakes but if you get there too late for breakfast, go to DiNic's for roast pork sandwiches with broccoli rabe and provolone. Order them "wet" to get them extra juicy. There are lots of options for kids there but make sure to get them a soft pretzel at Miller's Twist, a chocolate chip cookie from Fourth St, ice cream from Bassett's, and/or chocolates from Mueller's. Termini's and Beiler's also have great baked goods but I am not a fan of the Flying Monkey or the Down Home Diner in the market.

    Near the Liberty Bell, I'd say go to Jones at 7th and Chestnut (about two blocks away). It's a Steven Starr joint decked out like the Brady Bunch house (well a little) that is kid friendly and serves decent food. Near there is Lore's on 7th st. just up from Chestnut that has good chocolates. Whatever you do, avoid the temptation to go to the Bourse, lurking in the shadow (well to the side) of the Liberty Bell. It's essentially a food court without the mall to go with it.

    1. For dinner you might do well to hit up Chinatown, which is nearby and has lots of choices (and most kids that age I've known seem to do well with Chinese food!) Most places are very affordable and also the sort of atmosphere where kids would do fine.

      1. Marathon Grill is a good family friendly place for lunch or breakfast. They have a location at 10th & Walnut, which is pretty close to Independence Mall, and one at 16th & Sansom which I think is a little closer to the hotel but the other direction. They also have a slightly more upscale location on 19th just off of Rittenhouse Square, which is worth a visit in any case.

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          I believe there is a Marathon Grill right on Chestnut St. between 13th and Broad - just one square away.
          All of the above suggestions are very good. Kids really love Reading Terminal Market - don't miss it.

        2. To add a bit more to Bluehensfan's good summary of the Reading Terminal Market, while the Pennsylvania Dutch (more properly, Deutsch) places are closed, probably three-quarters of the other restaurant and sandwich-type establishments are open. For Sunday brunch you could go to Heshel's ́East Side Deli for lox 'n bagels, latkes (potato pancaskes), and a full range of basic, overstuffed deli sandwiches (roast beef, brisket, corned beef, pastrami, turkey, etc.).

          Although the market technically shuts at 6 p.m. weeknights (and most sandwich stalls shut down earlier), the Down Home Diner is open for dinner until 7 p.m. six days a week, until 5 p.m. on Sundays. I prefer the Down Home Diner for breakfast over the Dutch Eating Place, but both spots oare good.

          You'll still be able to get a cheese steak on Sunday at the RTM (Carmen's), or a hoagie (Salumeria or Carmen's). And on Sundays (and Wednesdays) Beck's Cajun Cafe makes beignets! Besides the Amish, the only major eat-on-premises stalls closed on Sundays are Mezze and By George, Pearl's Oyster Bar, Spataro's and Little Thai Market. Just about everyone else is open, including Bassetts, DiNic's, Nanee's (South Asian), Franks a Lot, 12th Street Cantina, Basic Four Vegetarian, Beck's Cajun Cafe, Carmen's, Coastal Cave, Delilah's, Golden Bowl, Hershel's, Kamal's Middle Eastern, Down Home Diner, Olympic Gyro, Profi's Creperie, Sang Kee Duck, Salumeria (hoagies, Italian deli and salads), Shanghai Gourmet, Original Turkey, Tootsie's Salad Bar/Buffet, and Wan's Seafood.

          As you can see, while you give up pretzels, apple dumplings and pizza on Sunday's, there's still just about every other cuisine represented.

          For particulars on each establishment, including hours, visit this link for the RTM: