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Apr 8, 2010 06:24 PM

Highwood @ SAIT

Interested in people's opinions?
And any info on the buffet? Today is Thursday and it got me thinking.. How much is the Thursday buffet? I know their dinner menu is usually $40 or so.

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  1. Funny. I was just talking about this today with co-workers. I've been before to the SAIT Cafeteria where the culinary students serve their daily specials and it was great! The Market Place is also fabulous, but never been to Highwood.

    We were curious if anyone knew when meal service will close as the semester is coming to an end?

    1. Actually, we were just there today for lunch. The Thursday lunch buffet is $20, with coffee and tea included. Other drinks are extra. They usually have a bar drink and a mocktail feature, and full bar service is available. The selection changes, but as an example, let's see how much I can remember....

      The buffet is divided into several sections. The left side has a hot food line, which seems to usually be four vegetable dishes, two starches, four meat dishes, and one carving station. Today had carrots, a cooked cabbage dish, zucchini and tomatoes, beets in a sour cream sauce, a spinach/garlic mashed potato, risotto, lamb cassoulet, pepper steak, halibut, a chicken cordon bleu, and a corned beef carving station.

      The center section has many different breads and rolls, with two soups (split pea & bacon and minestrone today), and then the rest of the counter is a rather large dessert section. There are trays with pieces of many different brownies and squares, cheese cake, black forest cake, tiramisu, and then separate dishes with creme brulee, mousse, etc.

      The right side has separate trays of beef, pork, fish, and vegetable terrines, several salads, a tray with several different types of sushi rolls, a few different types of cheese, and a few different thin crust pizzas fresh from the oven behind the counter.

      Finally there is a flambe station beside the bar, which had crepes suzette today.

      We find the food quality to be very good, and with the terrines and dessert selection it is almost guaranteed that there is something new and interesting to try.

      The Highwood now books their reservations through, but you can still phone and email the Highwood directly too. They seem to release a couple months at a time for reservations, as I think we had to wait for February to book our April reservation.

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        Thanks for the info truth... sounds great!
        I will have to see if I can get in on opentable...