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Apr 8, 2010 06:15 PM

Pizzeria Posto

Went to Posto in Davis Square tonight for opening night, as we have been anxiously awaiting its opening. It lived up to our expectations for the most part, especially given that it was opening night.
We opted to order 2 appetizers and 1 pizza, despite the waitress's advice that pizzas are personal sized. I had fava and green bean salad with pea tendrils and feta, which was quite tasty, and my husband had calamari, which he loved. We shared the Bianca pizza. Pizza was great, crust was perfect, chewy and crispy at the same time, and nicely charred from the wood oven. It was definitely personal pizza sized, with 4 slices, though with our own appetizers, we had more than enough food. Owner sent out an order of the veal agnolotti, maybe because it was opening night and they were sending things out to everyone, but I think because they recognized us and knew we've been rooting for them through this whole process. Husband thought it was great. Only problem is I'm a vegetarian, so no pasta for me.
My only complaint is that as a vegetarian, menu was a teeny bit limited (though that's partly because I don't like mushrooms and one of the veggie pizzas was mushrooms). All of the pastas had meat.
There is an extensive wine list, with many wines by the glass. Cheapest was a house red for $5/glass, and most expensive was a Brunello for $20/glass. My husband's Super Tuscan was tasty.
In any case, we are excited to go back next week, and we are hoping for a frequently changing menu so that we can go often without getting bored!

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  1. Thanks for the review. I'm excited to try this.

    1. photos of the menu are up on flickr:

      i'm a bit taken aback at the prices; they seem a bit high, and certainly not in line with what i was anticipating/hoping (price & atmosphere more like cambridge one than gran gusto.


      look forward to trying it out, but at these prices it looks like it's unfortunately going to be a once-in-a-while splurge.

      1. was there 2nd night open. left very happy. Atmosphere reminds me of Zuni cafe in San fran. with exposed brick and funky windows. very attentive and friendly service a little frazzled at times but very impressive considering they had just opened the night before. had the eggplant and white sardine app. could have used more sardines and was a bit underseasoned/undercooked but still tasty and the whipped ricotta it comes with was really creamy and delicious. Everything was up from there. Split the pizza margherita: crisp and smoky on the outside chewy on the inside crust and with 00 flour, san marzano tomatoes & fior di latte it was everything I hoped for. The house-made chili oli was a delicious addition which we also added to the tagliatelle with braised rabbit, peas, and favas. I am almost always disappointed when ordering pasta out, I always feel I could do a better job for 1/8 of the price but this dish was a standout, and I certainly don't braise rabbits, or shell fresh peas/favas everyday so it felt special. Savory and delcious, rich but still felt right for an april evening. solid wine list, good beers on tap. excited to return!

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