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Apr 8, 2010 05:42 PM

More Dim Sum at Koi Palace, Daly City

Our dim sum crawl returned today to Koi Palace, six strong and ready for the famed crab dumplings with whole crab we missed last time ( ).

Our dishes included—

#157. Roasted Suckling Pig
#145. Pickled Veggie and Duck Gizzards
#148. Vegetarian Goose (Bean Curd Roulette
)#323. Chicken Feet in Black Bean Sauce
#341. Shrimp Dumpling (har gow)
#346. Shrimp in Crispy Tofu Wrap
#347. Crispy Fried Dough Stuffed Rice Roll
#371. Chi Chou Fried Taro Cake
#375. Special Aged Wine Poached Manila Clams
#376. Coffee Glazed Pork Sparerib
#378. Ginko with Pea Tendrils
#436. Crab Meat filled Dumpling w/ Whole Crab
#442. Black Sesame Glutinous Ball
#445. Crisp Egg Custard Tart
#461. Egg Yolk Lava Bun
#464. Sugar Egg Puff
We also had a boiled chicken dish but I’m not sure which menu # (if any) it was.

With an 18 per cent tip we paid $29 per person for a whole lot of very good food.

So that I don’t monopolize the early conversation as much as I have in my past dim sum posts I’ll limit myself to comments on a couple of dishes until others have had a chance to post, then add more later.

I enjoyed the crispiness and full flavor of the shrimp in crispy tofu wrap—I would definitely get this one again.

The chicken feet were soft and tender with a little something extra in the spicing that pleased me. Maybe it was just more star anise than is used elsewhere.

The crisp egg custard tart was the best of its kind I have had in a long time—very light filling with great flavor and light crust. I might still prefer the Portuguese style we had at Champagne a few weeks ago due to the brûlée technique but I put that item in a different category.

The crab was the main event for me. More on this later.

Koi Palace Restaurant
365 Gellert Blvd, Daly City, CA 94015

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  1. the groaning board was overflowing with dishes and happy food talk
    Crab xlb - 436. Spectacular and well worth the $32 for the xlb and whole fried crab - moist and flavorful. It's finger-lickin' goodness and the moist towelettes were appreciated.
    Shrimp in Crispy Tofu Wrap - 346. This one pleases with the sweetness of the shrimp and the comfort-food tofu skin wrap
    Dan Tat - 445. Tiny one-bite gems with flaky crust
    Chicken in hot broth with green onion sauce was lackluster
    Tea Service: Pu-erh with Chrysathemum (gok bo)

    Note: service was excellent, attentive, and helpful

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    1. re: Cynsa

      I'm drooling over that crab picture!

    2. apologies for the out-of-focus pix.
      Chicken feet - 323, deliciously tender and meaty
      Crispy Fried Dough Stuffed Rice Roll - 347. It's fried and wrapped in steamed rice skin, what's not to love?
      Vegetarian Goose - 148. light and refreshing with mushrooms
      Har Gow - 341. this led to the conundrum of selecting the same dishes at each dim sum restaurant for comparison - or, to order each restaurant's specialties... or, both

      1. Roasted Suckling Pig -157. Crispy porky.
        Pickled Veggie and Duck Gizzards -145. Ah, gizzards, wonderfully sweet and tender in texture
        Special Aged Wine Poached Manila Clams -375. I ♥ clams. These were flavor-explosions.
        Ginko with Pea Tendrils -378 ginko nuts were nestled and floaters in the pea shoots & broth

        1. Black Sesame Glutinous Ball -442 - this satisfies my non-sweet tooth mysteriously
          Egg Yolk Lava Bun -461- warm and oozing sweetness - I really like these.
          Sugar Egg Puff -464 - Must Eat Hot Only -

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          1. re: Cynsa

            Thank you to Derek for the Dragon Beard Candy - it was my first taste of this spun sugar delight filled with peanut and sesame. I ♥ DBC

            1. re: Cynsa

              It is made from maltose a form of wheat sugar I believe. We had it made at a chowdown at Asian Pearl in Millabare a few years ago. I was able to quiz the chef on what sugar he use. It looked so easy but I am sure it is not.

              Is there still a stand at the entrance of Koi Palace?

              Koi Palace Restaurant
              365 Gellert Blvd, Daly City, CA 94015

              1. re: yimster

                There was a chef at the entry making DBC a couple of months ago on a weekend.

                It's delicious. The only trouble with the stuff is you have to eat it all up at once - since it does not survive long.

                1. re: Thomas Nash

                  It keeps longer if it is kept at room temperature. I have had tasting fairly fresh for about a week as long as it is not refrigerated.

                  Someday I will have to try making someday. Just kidding but is fun to think about. How much for an order?

                  1. re: yimster

                    It was expensive. My memory is fuzzy. I think there were 10 in the box and it may have been as much as $10, but maybe less.

                    I thought it melted in the mouth and was very light if you get a box that you see the chef just filled up. If it has been sitting around, I don't know. Guess I will have to try it in HK next time.

                    Another demonstration of how incredibly diverse the Chinese kitchen can be.

              2. re: Cynsa

                The dragon beard candy at Koi Palace is awful - I don't know why they still sell it. Good dragon beard candy in the simplest form should melt in your mouth like cotton candy, but the ones from Koi Palace are hard, chewy, and extremely dry.

                Koi Palace Restaurant
                365 Gellert Blvd, Daly City, CA 94015

                1. re: hong_kong_foodie

                  where can I taste good DBC that "melts in the mouth like cotton candy"? if I like the hard chewy dry candy, the melt-in-the-mouth DBC will be heavenly!

                  1. re: Cynsa

                    It is hard to find even in Hong Kong. One trip I amused myself by asking people to point me in the direction of traditional makers of dragon's beard candy and ended up finding two--one in a mall on the island and the other in the middle of the sex toy stalls in the temple night market. The stuff in China tends to be harder and drier and I wonder if it is a stylistic thing.

                    This stuff is pretty good, if outrageously expensive and commercially packaged. You can usually find them at the airport in HK:

                    1. re: sfbing

                      I saw freshly made DBC for sale at the National Center for Traditional Arts in Eastern Taiwan (Yi-Lan county), about 2 hours drive east of Taipei city.


                      There is a block of pedestrian street walking where the buildings are replicated to look like 50 to 80 years ago, with shops selling really old school snacks, included round molasses sandwiched wheat cracker lollipops, and a shop selling dragon beard candy (with a person making it on site).

                      I didn't try it, but it looked more interesting visually than for me wanting to try it. In terms of awe and result, I get better mileage with hand pulled noodles.

                      1. re: sfbing

                        Yep, the link provided by sfbing points to the ones I usually get in HK when I'm craving this candy. I know it's available at the airport (and I believe other brands are available as well) but I usually get them from the food courts next to Citysuper, an upscale supermarket.

                        Anyway, this stuff is definitely expensive, but it is pretty good and does melt in your mouth. Not sure about the ones that you'd get online, but the ones I get from the food courts are pretty good and significantly better than what they churn out at Koi Palace.

                        Koi Palace Restaurant
                        365 Gellert Blvd, Daly City, CA 94015

                      2. re: Cynsa

                        Seoul airport in the transit area.

                2. Chi Chou Fried Taro Cake -371. I love taro but this flavor was fishy and a disappointment.
                  Coffee Glazed Pork Sparerib -376. I would only order these for newbies at the table for first tastes; the novelty has worn off and I find it cloyingly annoying.

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                  1. re: Cynsa

                    I REALLY enjoyed our meal here..the one 'clunker" for me was also the Chi Chou Taro cake...I did enjoy my one 'coffee rib' but more than one would be difficult...We had "Jah Dahn" (egg bombs), but here they call them "Sai Youn" (these were egg puffs..similar but better than a cruller...these were warm fried dough.....)

                    1. re: Cynsa

                      As the recipient of the fried taro cake leftovers, I realized when I brought them out for Bob's snack that the garnish including little dried shrimp - the answer to the fishy taste note...

                      1. re: RWCFoodie

                        and the final verdict is? worthy of a second bite? they looked delicious...

                        1. re: Cynsa

                          After a brief reheating/crisping, we thought they were delicious and we would happily eat them again (but that's just us).

                          Also, my batch of chicken skin chiccharones from LechGo must have been a fresher batch; also reheated, they were a delight.

                          1. re: RWCFoodie

                            I liked the taro cake, too, but I grew up with dried shrimp, something that is probably an acquired taste. I thought the taro cake seemed like a variation on the more common radish version (lo bak ko), and was a nice change.

                            The chicken skin chicharon really should be served warm. I can't think of an animal fat that I enjoy at room temperature. (Actually, it's fine at room temp in the tropics.)