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Apr 8, 2010 04:52 PM

Liberty Bar and Grill moves to King Williams Area

The crooked bar and grill is ready to re-open in the William. With a fresh coat of Pepto-bismal pink paint, the Liberty is ready for a new chapter...

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  1. What date will it open, do you know??

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    1. re: bronwen

      I was at the original place last week--I think the new location opens in June.

      1. re: hellpaso

        The old one is closing May 17 so the new one should be opening any time (I'm excited as I live in the area!)

    2. The leaning Liberty closes tomorrow Monday May 17 and will be open from 11AM-10:30PM. There will be NO reservations. Twenty five years of great food and drink and friends and trends!!

      THe new Liberty will open Wed., May 26th at the King WIlliam location 1111 S Alamo.
      To quote Dwight "Atascate ahora que hay lodo".

      I can't wait to see what the old St. Scholastica convent ends up looking like. Should be
      alot of synergy for artists/galleries/other restaurants in King William area.

      1. Liberty Bar won't have a lean behind the pepto bismol facade. Guess the attraction is suppose to be the food or that the new location was known as an old convent and hospital?? We live in Monte Vista and will probably try it out one of these days but not any time soon. Thanks for all the past memories!