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Apr 8, 2010 04:48 PM

How much variation in size, specialties are in the 5 COSTCO locations in the GTA?

We've just joined (our membership was a gift from a friend) and have been only to the Scarborough location at Warden/Ellesmere. Are all locations about the same? The membership sign-up guy told us that they will be adding a gas bar at this location very soon.

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  1. I haven't been to every one in the GTA, but what I can say is, the location near Yorkdale is much bigger than the Scarborough one (it's newer too), while the one in Ajax is small by comparison.

    Yorkdale Cafe
    1 Yorkdale, Toronto, ON M9M1B9, CA

    1. My husband used to go to the Warden/ Ellesmere one, but I'm not sure why. The one at Islington & Gardiner (Queensway) is much closer. I like it better too, although I'm not sure why. We've also been to the one up near the Colossus. They're all actually fairly similar, I guess, but I like the Queensway one the best.

      1. All locations carry the same base of products, but each of the stores will also carry a selection of goods that may be more popular to their local-group of members. For example, the Costco at Woodbine/Highway 7 may see a higher degree of Asian members which is reflected in their product selections, while the Costco's at Yorkdale and/or Woodbridge (Weston/Highway 7) will see a different segment of the population (more Italian products are carried that I've seen).

        Having gone to each of the Costco's within the GTA (from Pickering westwards to the St. Catherine's area), each store has the same selection of goods when it comes to the basics (groceries and whatnot), but it's the specialty selections that will differ.

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          I would agree with this. Specifically, the Costco at Yorkdale has a large Kosher section, both for meats and products. They have very nice beef short ribs in the meats section. And for holidays, like Passover, they carry the specialty foods. Also the book selection reflects the clientele of the community.

          Yorkdale Cafe
          1 Yorkdale, Toronto, ON M9M1B9, CA

        2. When gas comes in (springtime, they say) it will be a revelation in prices but there will be line ups, and payment by card (debit or Amex) only.

          1. I've been to most of the ones in the North end -- and sometimes more than one in the same day -- and the differences seem to be minor at best. I see more variation between the same store from month to month than I do between different stores at the same time.