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Apr 8, 2010 04:08 PM

Colombian Grace Key West

223 Petronia Street
Key West, FL 33040-7373, United States
(305) 517-6449

We visited Key West for a short (long enough) 5 days and had a chance to eat at this restaurant twice. The first time we stumbled upon it in the morning and had breakfast. We had fresh fruit juice which was lovely and a Colombian rice, beans, egg dish that was a great change from the all you can eat or Denny's kind of places on the main drag (Duval). Service was good, I believe it was one of the owners. The decor is upscale with Colombian crafts artfully placed, and chairs aren't the most comfortable but the food was excellent so we decided to back for dinner on another night.
That night we sat upstairs on their balcony patio which was just as nice this time of year. We had their signature sangria which was delish (could have used more ice) and wonderful special entrees - which vary - on our night we had snapper.
I really hope this places does well, it opened only Nov 09 with good reviews and I hope they keep up the quality and attention to detail in the food. They really make an effort and deserve to succeedl. A find like this in Key West is not common, especially for tourists who only see the main parts of town. I'm not entirely familiar with Colombian food so can't vouch for authenticity but based on our discussions with the wait staff it seems to be very true to the real thing.
Give it a try!

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  1. This place is off the beaten track in Key West, but surpassed all the other well-regarded restaurants on the island that we got to try. The "good" restaurants in Key West don't know when to stop-they pile on ingredients in culinary overkill. Here at Colombian Grace, Zulma (one of the owners) cooks with simple, fresh ingredients, some which she brings back from Colombia, and keeps the dishes restrained with a few key flavors predominating. The coconut crusted snapper was delicious, as was a salad of fresh avocado topped with a warm mix of corn, red pepper and bacon. The hot chocolate was superb (with cocoa from the old country) and were the homemade desserts....

    Colombian Grace Restaurant
    223 Petronia Street, Key West, FL 33040

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      Thanks for the tip- we are definitely eating here when we arrive in 3 weeks. It sounds like a real find- the Yelpers love it and I'm sure we will too.