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Apr 8, 2010 03:44 PM

Why do I crave sweets after eating a meal with raw onions or alot of garlic?

The same thing happens to my mom...this isn't a mental thing (I rarely eat any sweets), but a physical craving I get.

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  1. Are we related? I get the same craving. I've actually keep Hershey's Kisses (along with mints for the garlic/onion breath) in my desk draw at work for when I get that craving.

    1. OMG!!! Is there only 3 of us who suffer from this???? I have been swearing up and down for years, that after I eat onions, I crave something sweet. And, I also hardly ever eat sweets. Thank you guys, it's nice to know I"m NOT crazy after all!

      1. Wowie! I experience the same craving after eating lots of garlic. I also experience the same craving after eating lots of protein. Strange. Oh, I always give in to the craving. :)

        1. I wish I only craved sweets after eating the aforementioned items. Unfortunately, eating almost anything does that for me, so that I'm thinking about dessert within minutes of putting my fork down, even though I rarely give in.

          1. The fact that I just googled this question and found this blog - must mean we are not alone. Has anyone found the answer?