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Apr 8, 2010 03:23 PM

Where to go for a Saturday date night dinner in North County?

Hello! I'm planning a date night for this Saturday for my husband and me. We have a two-year-old boy, so our date nights are usually just dinner or dinner and a movie. This Saturday we have family in town and more free time, so I want to plan a sunset hike plus a casual but romantic dinner. I'd love to go somewhere a bit more unique, not the usual Jake's Del Mar, or Roy's. Any suggestions?

Jake's Del Mar
1660 Coast Blvd, Del Mar, CA 92014

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  1. Blanca in Solana Beach and get the tasting menu

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    1. re: honkman

      I second this. And Uptown Magazine has a 20% coupon for Blanca (not sure if it applies to the tasting menu however). One of the better, more inventive places in San Diego, IMHO.

      1. Kitchen 1540 is great and could be very romantic if you get a cabana outside.

        1. add:

          Cavaillon Restaurant
          14701 Via Bettona, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92127

          1. Bull Taco and a hike on Cardiff beach is a great way to spend with each other watching the sunset..get 'to go' cups with your favorite the gardens at the Self Realization Temple.
            Blanca and then dance your ass off at the Belly Up.
            Torrey Pines State Park hike and then AR Valentien Lodge at the Lodge.
            Love walking the village of the ranch and then have an intimate dinner with cocktails at the fireplace at the Inn of Rancho Santa Fe..or MIlle Fleurs.

            1. Take in the sunset with a walk on the beach in Carlsbad then go to Fish House Vera Cruz, in the Village, for a nice dinner.

              Fish House Vera Cruz
              417 Carlsbad Village Dr, Carlsbad, CA 92008