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Apr 8, 2010 02:23 PM

Delray beach- waterfront pub with live music happy hour

Hello, does anyone know of a good waterfront pub with live music for happy hour in delray? Is bostons on the beach any good?

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  1. Good or not, it's really your only choice. I can't think of another beachfront place with live music. The food is OK-- "bar" food. Keep it simple.

    1. yep, Bostons works, food nothing special but adequate sometimes better than adequate.

      The new Johnny Browns on Atlantic has live music (on the site of Elwoods on the tracks). Have not eaten there but it's been packed since it opened.

      The Banana Boat which is kinda Boynton off US1 (Ocean Ave) is intracoastal waterfront with live music at the weekends. Again food nothing special but it's busy.

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        Two George's is "next door" and a more fun place. The food is as good (not spectacular in either case). It has a more open, friendly atmosphere and in my limited experience, the service is though casual, is friendly and helpful.

      2. 2 Georges/BB are pretty much the same place, with difft names. Food is nothing special at all (same trucks service both places) but they are both on the water. As I live right at Marina Village, I go to 2 George's more often than BB...just a personal preference.