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Lunch: Great Concept, Execution Needs Work

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Working in production in the Culver City area has given me great license to spread my wings and try the tremendous variety of restaurants the area has to offer. Today my colleagues and I tried Lunch. Much like the Counter, Lunch provides a wide variety of ingredients which can be combined at your leisure into either a salad or a sandwich. I was excited about crafting my perfect sandwich and chose my ingredients with surgical skill. Upon tasting my perfect creation I was a little disappointed, could my mind and taste-buds have been at such odds? Ultimately, I think that Lunch's execution was to blame and luckily not my palate.

My sandwich's ingredients were not evenly spread throughout the length of the roll. The roll, another issue. I ordered a baguette and while technically, I suppose it was a baguette, it was more of a roll than I'd have liked. I think of a baguette as being crusty, 36" long (although I didn't need a sandwich that large) and with cut ends.

Overall, I'd like to see Lunch succeed, but in order to do so they must focus on using only the freshest ingredients, making sure that their quality control is in check and improve the quality of their bread.

3829 Main St, Culver City, CA 90232

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