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Apr 8, 2010 01:20 PM


Can anyone explain the "sanitary" glove phenomenon in NYC eateries? Are they required? Suggested? Both hands? New glove after each sale/handling filthy money?

I am not a germophobe just a confused New Yorker.

I've sat at the counter in Asian restaurants and watched food being prepared and handled without a glove in sight.
I've seen the one gloved approach in delis but the bare hand is holding the sammich while the gloved hand holds the knife.
Gloved hand run thru the servers hair and then back to preparing food.

What's the deal?

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  1. And then there's always Dom at DiFara's.

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      The rule by the Dept of Health is that there is to be no bare hand contact with prepared or ready to eat foods - this includes basil (in Dom's case) sushi, but also ice. Seeing a cook handle food in an Asian restaurant is by no means the most egregious or common violation you have ever seen by any means. Every bar you have walked into where you have seen a bartender handle a lime wedge, or pick up an olive to place on a skewer, or use a hand to remove an extra ice cube is in the same violation as touching a slice of ham with a bare hand, or a sushi roll. I have seen my local sushi restaurant go from bare hand to gloved hand only since the more stringent enforcement of these rules. The instances you detail here are all violations of the health code (either by direct contact with food or cross contamination with a gloved hand) and show that the training of the staff has been incomplete. If I were to tell you what happens out of sight at Nobu you would burn the building down.

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