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Apr 8, 2010 01:15 PM

South 9th/Italian Market/South Philly Mexican

MIL is in town and we're thinking a low-key, mostly inexpensive dinner for this Saturday night (vs our Friday night at Amis). I'm thinking that we should do more exploring of the Mexican restaurants on and around the 9th Street corridor, and the 9th and Washington intersection (feel free to expand beyond that area for other good spots, but that's the 'hood we're aiming for).

One of our favs is Los Taquitos de Puebla on 9th, but we've also been to La Lupe (it's been a while) and Taqueria Veracruzana on Washington.

I thought I should have a little more direction that just picking another storefront place on 9th. Any suggestions? Good dishes? Any good mole down there?


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  1. i like la lupe's salsa verde more than their mole, t. la veracruzana has a very tasty mole. la lupe is still ridiculously slow, but is still my favorite of the brunch. don't bother with el jarocho.

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      that is exactly what I remember of la lupe from 3 years ago, ridiculously slow. good to know!

    2. Plaza Garibaldi restaurant is across the street from Taqueria Veracruzana, is owned by the same people and is a slightly nicer while still very inexpensive place.

      1. Acapulco on 9th & Ellsworth (not to be confused with Fiesta Acapulco, also on 9th) has a really good bbq goat special on Saturdays. You get goat, a bowl of spicy goat consome and rice. They also make good tamales (they're made in banana leaves rather than corn husks). If you're walking south on 9th look for the neon goat head sign on the right-hand side of the street.

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          Thanks again on this thread, we finally made it to Restaurant Acapulco for a goat night last night. We started with tamales, one green and one red, both were incredible and rather large. My husband ordered the goat BBQ platter (w/rice and consomme and tortillas), and as I was not sure I'd love the goat, I went with the enchiladas de mole. My dish was good, spicy, chicken was tender and tortillas were good, seemed fresh from their texture. But, the star was the goat. I am sorry I didn't order it too. The consomme was so flavorful and the goat itself was definitely the best goat I've ever had. Not too spicy, great flavor, falling off the bone.

          We brought our own beers and the two tamales and two entrees came to $32 before tip. And, each brought home 1/3-1/2 of our entrees as leftovers. Other than one other lone diner that was there for a short time, we were the only ones there on a Saturday night around 8:30.

        2. Well, we didn't end up going that weekend, but I saved all of your recommendations and we went to Plaza Garibaldi tonight. I liked that it wasn't bright and neon like Veracruzana, but still had good, inexpensive food! While we ended up splitting an app (queso fundido con chorizo, yum) and each getting entrees (flautas and enchiladas en mole, both solid and tasty), we could have done what another table did, each get $5 plates of tacos and been just as happy! We ended up with lots of leftovers and spent $28 before tip.

          I noticed that they had an orange liquor license notice on the window, but they were still BYOB as far as I could tell. It was a good excuse to drink a large bottle of a dogfishhead theobroma that we'd had in the fridge for a while.

          We're saving Acapulco for a Goat night!

          Thanks again!