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Apr 8, 2010 12:57 PM


Does anyone know where T and T markets get their shellfish? we are looking for local mussels, clams and scallops to make a soup. Well, as local as possible. How about the purveyors in Granville Market?

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  1. I suspect that much but not all of the fresh shellfish at T&T is local. Finest at Sea in GI sources locally.

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      @ T&T manila clams will be local, scallops usually east coast (and usually dipped in tri-phosphate....ugh). Mussels usually east coast (PEI). The lobster man in Granville will usually have Cortez and Salt Spring mussels (usually much nicer than PEI ones) and local clams. For local scallops, you want Qualicum scallops (which have no triphosphate). Most of the fish guys in Granville carry them. I tend to stay away from east coast scallops because most of them have triphosphate added, which gives them a nasty bitter taste and means they won't sear.

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          Thank you very much jcolvin. I moved to Vancouver last Summer after being an East Coaster by birth and for most of my life, then a middle Canadian for the past 17 years, so this info is really useful. And actually is why I don't buy East Coast lobster anywhere but the East Coast. I don't need lobster anyway, with the wonderful crab out here. Thanks again.

      1. A quick follow-up. We went to The Lobster Man at 9am Sunday morning, and were delighted with what we found. We bought mussels, clams and oysters (Kushis and Kumamotos). The staff person on duty was very helpful. Our riff on a steamer pot (oysters were a separate course) turned out very well, thanks in part of the quality of the ingredients. Thanks again.

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          I do like my shellfish. While the mussels are still great, this time of year they are not at their fattest (still not much plankton in the water). Later in the year they start filling out and you will be amazed at how plump they become.

          One thing to watch out for is west coast razor clams. T&T have them sporadically (usually at around $6/lb). They are by far the best clams in existence, incredibly sweet and crunchy. If you see them, buy some! Your other option is to drive up to North Beach on Haida Gwai and dig some yourself. By the way, if anyone is in T&T (or anywhere else) and sees razors for sale, please post an alert on the board. I never miss an opportunity to pick some up.

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            >>By the way, if anyone is in T&T (or anywhere else) and sees razors for sale, please post an alert on the board.

            Will do.