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Apr 8, 2010 12:25 PM

Korean food in downtown Yonkers!

There is a dearth of Korean food in Westchester county- I've been dismayed at the selection since moving up from Manhattan last summer. I finally visited Maggie's Seafood Shack- it had never interested me since I'm not too into fried seafood, but lo and behold, Maggie is in there making Korean food and not advertising it! Bulgogi, homemade kimchee, pickles, all sorts of stuff. Her cucumbers just rocked my world. So worth a visit.

Maggies Seafood Spot
2 Market Pl, Yonkers, NY 10701

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  1. How was everything else? Can't wait to try this!

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    1. re: christinepierce

      Not sure- there were seafoods and meats of all sorts breaded and ready to be fried- a guy got a good looking piece of chicken; I'm interested in trying the scallops. Had her cucumber kimchee and futomaki. First class, those. I don't understand why she's not advertising the full menu! She doesn't even have a menu for the Korean stuff- you just have to ask her what she has.

        1. re: menton1

          Don't know- will ask and report back!

    2. A really awesome version of Bibimbap at Neo in Mt Kisco...