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Apr 8, 2010 12:18 PM

Veronica's - Haddonfield, NJ

I received an e-mail about a new restaurant opening up in Haddonfield called Veronica's. They will be located at 26 S. Haddon Avenue, and will feature Mediterranean specialities and Slavic dishes, Anyone know anything about it? I am trying to picture this location and what used to be there, but nothing is coming to mind at the moment. Has anyone driven by or have any reports on how the place looks? Anyone seen any work they are doing at this location or know anything about the owners or their background? Just curious! Cheers! -mJ

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  1. That's where Via Giulia is. Or maybe "was" if you are correct. I'll check when I get home. That would be too bad because their food was great. Perhaps Veronica's might be good too. Besides I always thought Archie should go for Veronica instead of Betty.

    It's a small place across from the post office and the same side as *$

    1. yes that is the Via Giulia building that they are taking over.