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Apr 8, 2010 10:56 AM

Best raw bar in Portland

Have a friend in Portland for the day and she is looking for steamers and other local seafood. I couldn't find any threads so forgive me if I missed one. Thanks from a Florida chow.

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  1. The best upscale seafood place is Street & Co. Not sure if they have steamers but they do have loads of local fish and crustaceans. The best steamers that we have had in Maine has been in Kennebunkport - Bartley's Dockside - 30 minutes south of Portland.

    Street & Co
    33 Wharf St., Portland, ME 04101

    Bartley's Dockside
    Rt 9 4 Western Avenue, Kennebunkport, ME 04043

    1. I'm not sure if steamers qualify for raw bar material. That said, you can get good raw oysters at the bar at Fore Street, Street & Company and the Old Port Sea Grill. I've had good steamers at J's Oyster Bar, but can't vouch for the oysters.

      Fore Street
      288 Fore Street, Portland, ME 04101

      J's Oyster
      5 Portland Pier, Portland, ME 04101

      Old Port Cafe
      111 Main St, Winterport, ME 04496

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      1. re: cfrolio

        You are right she is looking for raw clams I could not think of the name of the clam, it is cherrystone. Sometimes you draw blank ,lol.

        1. re: juli5122

          That would be littleneck or it's smaller brethren, countneck. Cherrystones are a tad large for raw consumption, but not out of the question.

          I love those things and vote for a dozen with a few squeezes of lime over the more expensive oysters much of the time. Trouble is, I don't often see them at the few raw bars we have, and when they are served - mostly in summertime - they are mangled beyond recognition by ill-trained chefs.

          Old Port Sea Grill is probably the best bet

          Old Port Cafe
          111 Main St, Winterport, ME 04496

          1. re: johnnydj

            >Cherrystones are a tad large for raw consumption

            No way.