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Apr 8, 2010 09:53 AM

Le Bernardin - what can I expect for my final bill for two?

I have looked at the online menu and I see that it is $110 each for 4 courses, so that makes $220. We will have wine, probably a bottle rather than by the glass, but we won't likely drink more than 2 glass each. How much should I figure for wine? If wine is $60, that makes $280, plus 30% for tax and tip, makes $364 (I'm figuring 20% tip and 10% tax). Is that a reasonable estimate? Also, am I supposed to tip the Sommelier separately or does their tip come out of the server's tip? We are saving some money on our hotel this year, so I'm thinking we can swing it, but I'd like to prepare in advance. Thanks!

Le Bernardin
155 W. 51st St., New York, NY 10019

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  1. if you have to ask you probably won't enjoy it relative to the (over) price. I only ate there once and got the impression I was on the wrong side of the sheep/goats dividing line as the regulars got much better service. When they asked what I thought I told them truthfully that I had had better.

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      Agree entirely about the service. Very, very stiff.

    2. The misconception about the food is that it is going to be a molecular gastronomic whirlwind when in fact Chef Ripert's style is that of utmost freshness, simplicity, technique, perfection executed with allowance for creative interpretation. The food need not be garish & ostentatious in order to be luxurious. Go and splendor with these things in mind.

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        Agree entirely about the food. Very, very delicious.

      2. I don't agree w/the above poster.

        I've only eaten at Le Bernadine twice, once for my husband's b'day after a matinee on a Wed. and took my Mom for a b'day lunch a couple of months ago. On both occassions the service has been excellent, the food supurb, enjoyed both experiences greatly. Plus, when I took Mom, we loved the smoked salmon spread so much we asked for the recipe which was very happily given. (made it a couple of times and got wow factors). My Mom even called a couple of times to verify some ingredients and each call was graciously handled.

        That being said, you're about right for the check. Figure dinner for two will be close to $400, lunch for the two of us w/a 1/2 bottle of wine was over $200.

        I thought it was worth the splurge both times. The only one I still can't bring myself to do is Per Se, $750 - $1,000 for two just seems to over the top :)

        Per Se
        10 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10019

        1. As long as you don't select any items that have a supplemental charge you are correct for the meal portion, I think it would be safer for you to say $100 for wine, also add $15 if you want coffee afterwards. I think a safer planning number would be about $425 so you have a more realistic range.

          FWIW, I absolutely love L B and if you love fish this is the place for perfection.

          1. Keep in mind several options have supplemental charges which can add up very quickly. If you are extremely careful about wine (which unfortunately is not part of my genetic makeup) then I would say $500 all in should do it. The downside is that you won't get an opportunity to get all courses matched with by the glass pairings, which, IMO, is the way to get the best experience there.