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Apr 8, 2010 09:46 AM

Mango pie?

Anyone ever try making a pie of mangos. Would think they would adapt themselves well to any peach recipe.

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  1. Nope only mango bread. But I think it is adaptable to a peach or even an apple pie recipe What kind on mangoes would you use, hayden? Hopefully not to ripe the pie would get soggy.

    1. We've successfully made mango tartlets in the past. The mango is cooked down more than what would be normal for a pie filling, but it still has a nice mango flavor to it. We typically would use the variety, "Manila" or "Honey", which are on the smaller side and are roughly shaped like a teardrop.

      This type of mango is far less fibrous than other varieties and is known for its mild sweet flavor.

      The tartlets that we've made look almost identical to these pineapple tartlets, but we didn't cook down the fruit nearly as much:

      I can easily see using the honey mango for a pie. The texture is similar to a peach.

      1. Search the last 5 years for "mango crisp" = 3 hits.

        1. I've made a variation of Key Lime Pie that I call Mango Pie. Find any recipe for Key Lime Pie (I just used the one on the side of the Key Lime Juice bottle) and simply substitute pureed fresh mango for about 2/3 of the lime juice. I just use a food processor to blend the mango with the lime juice, and keep adding more juice until it tastes "right". The end product will taste like mango, not like limes, but you still need the tart lime juice to balance all the sugar in the condensed milk. It comes out beautiful- the smooth texture of key lime pie, but with the delicate flavor of mango and it's a pretty pale peach color filling.

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            May we please have a detailed recipe? It sounds good.

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              I made this recipe up, and I tend to be in the splash of that/pile of that school of cooking, so bear with me. I put down the approximate measurements of what I have used to make this in the past, but I go on instinct.

              1 or 2 fresh mangos
              3 tablespoons key lime juice, with more to taste
              14 oz sweetened condensed milk
              3 egg yolks
              graham cracker crust

              Preheat oven to 350. Peel and cut fresh mango into chunks, discarding core. You will need 1-2 mangos, depending on their size. Add mango chunks to blender, along with 3 tablespoons key lime juice. Blend thoroughly; you want a VERY smooth texture, like a soup. Now is the tricky part- taste the mixture and add more lime juice, if necessary. Mango should be the most prominent flavor, but it should still have a detectable tartness to it. If it is not at all tart, add another spoonful of lime juice until you can taste both the mango and the tartness. Add slowly, as it is easy to overwhelm the flavor of the mango if you add too much lime. Now combine this mixture with a 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk and 3 egg yolks. Beat this until smooth and opaque. Pour into a graham cracker pie crust and bake until the filling is set. Serve chilled.

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                graham cracker crust: I like it already! Just my kind of recipe.

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                  'bake until set' means about how many minutes?

            2. I have made a peach custard pie using a combo of peaches and so-called "champagne" mangoes, which are not very fibrous. One word: YUM!