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Apr 8, 2010 08:58 AM

Visitor Needs Montreal restaurant recommendation


My fiancee and I will be honeymooning in Quebec. I have been doing quite a bit of research on what restaurants to go to while we're they're, particularly during the five nights we'll be spending in Montreal.

I have lots of mid-level bistros I've found, but am not sure about the finer-dining restaurants

Could you please recommend a restaurant that meets the following criteria?
(We already know about au pied de cochon)

1) Multi-course or tasting menus
2) Not to far from downtown/old city, or at least close to the metro
3) Nouvelle or New American cuisine -OR- classic Quebecois
4) Utilizes local ingredients, game or offal a plus

Any thoughts?



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  1. in Old Montreal (or close), look for Toqué! (for the tasting menu) or "Le Club Chasse Et Peche" (for new american cuisine), or DNA (for their canadian wine list), or Europea (for the tasting menu)

    Not too far away (MTL is quite "dense" so everything is quite close) : La Chronique, "3 Petits Bouchons", "La Salle a Manger", "Le 5eme Peché" ...


    Europea Restaurant
    1227 Rue De La Montagne, Montreal, QC H3G1Z2, CA

    1. There's a great place on Rene Levesque (near the Radio Canada building) called 'O Chalet' that serves seasonal food, uses local ingredients, and is delicious.

      You might also want to try Apollo, on upper St. Laurent (6389 I think). Instead of choosing your meal by dish, you choose from set themes and get a variety of dishes on that theme. It is also BYO, and very, very good. You can get there on the the metro/bus.

      Another place I like is the same as Maximilien's pick: Le Club Chasse Et Peche'.

      Hope you have a great time here and enjoy lots of good eats!

      1. Thanks to both of you! These are EXCELLENT recommendations, and I will be sure to use some of them.

        Maximilien, you have recommendend Toqué! for the tasting menu, but I cannot find specifique examples on their website?

        Merci, je vous en sais bon gré