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Apr 8, 2010 08:33 AM

How to get rid of the lingering taste of green onions?

Parsley oil works for garlic......................Is there anything that counteracts the remains of that last bite of green onion?

I like the flavor in food and hate to ask for it to be left off a dish simply because of what it leaves behind.

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  1. Have you tried parsley for the onions as well? Chewing on a sprig of mint does wonders, chew a fresh slice of ginger or crunch on a couple of coffee beans, I've heard a cup of green tea works, never tried it; chew or suck on a lemon slice. Of course there's the chewing gum route, or worse comes to worse, brush your teeth.

    Cooking onions sweetens and mellows the onion flavor as well, but green onions are often served raw in dishes.