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Apr 8, 2010 07:15 AM

Birthday Dinner in eastern PA?

Hey everyone I live in West Chester and often make trips to Philadelphia and I normally like to try a new good spot on my birthday. I am a fan of all types of food but for my birthday I would prefer a little upper scale. Some of the restaurants that I have tried and loved in the area are Gilmores, Valinni, Amada, Distrito, Osteria, Morimotos, Kim's BBQ(Great Korean BBQ), and a many more. I love all types of food but I really enjoy small plates so any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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  1. how many people are in your party and are you for/against/indifferent to byos?

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      It will just be there of us and I personally don't mind byobs all I care about is great food and hopefully a new spot to frequent

    2. You'd probably like Bar Ferdinand, in Northern Liberties. It is Spanish tapas, like Amad, but the menu and atsmosphere are different. It's a fun, festive place. Also check out Meritage, which has small plates, I'm not sure how to describe the cuisine, but it's good.

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        It's not small plates, but i would go to Bibou, French BYO

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          I don't know that I'd call Bar ferdinand "a little upper scale". I'll second Meritage though.

        2. I'd suggest James on 8th - Jim Burke is a Vetri alum. They aren't small plates but they are smaller plates so you can have three courses (and dessert). Kristina Burke runs the front of the house and is a great hostess. They do local and seasonal as much as possible and then go for the best they can find for other ingredients - french lentils, a hawaiian shrimp, etc. Italian leaning, but with a mix. It also has a lovely bar/lounge area.