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Apr 8, 2010 06:45 AM

Chow in Waterbury Ct. with Kids

Hey there all you opinionated Chowhounders, I need a little help, I'm taking my son and friends to Coco Key in Waterbury and need some recs for kid friendly places. Burgers and dogs, Pizza, good Chinese, Breakfast.
Need someplace for dinner Sunday night, breakfast Monday morning and a late lunch Monday afternoon.
Thanks to all.

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  1. I am very partial to Frankie's Hot Dogs. I frequent the West Haven location, but I am sure Waterbury is good too. I love love love their hotdogs. They used to get them from Roessler, but I am unsure whom their purveyor is now--I swear they still get them from some living Roessler relative, but who knows. Your kids can get what they want and then you can get their dog--must order a long dog "SPLIT WELL-DONE WITH BACON" and then be sure to put their sticky hot homestyle relish (not the wicked hot one with all the red pepper flakes) on it along with kraut, etc. from the self-service condiment bar, which is what makes it. It is incredible. And just so you know--while you can get the sweet homestyle relish to take home in a jar, they don't sell their hot homestyle in the jar. SO GOOD.

    Frankie's Hot Dogs
    700 Watertown Ave, Waterbury, CT 06708

    1. In your general neighborhood are a Nardelli's Grinder Shop on Plank Road, which might be good for your Sunday night, and Blackie's Hot Dogs, just up the road in Cheshire, which seems right for lunch Monday. Breakfast is a little trickier, but the hotel might have something okay.

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        Blackie's is just up the road, and worth a stop for the old-school ambiance alone. The dogs are pretty good, and the relish has many fans. I'm partial to Frankie's hot relish, but Blackie's is pretty good. Sit at the counter and yell out how many dogs you want. Or order at the counter and sit in the back room. Burgers are also available, as are milkshakes and fountain drinks. No fries, only chips. That's it.

      2. We took our 5 kids to Ragozzino's for dinner. someone local told us it was the best pizza
        and italian food around. Portions and prices are great. It looks very small because it's located in a small shopping center, but give it a try, the kids will love it, and there is really
        something for eveyone. Believe me, Waterbury is tough!!

        1. We went to Blackies and had some great dogs. Thanks to all.