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Apr 8, 2010 03:57 AM

Solid takeout Thai

We ordered takeout from the new Spice Thai Kitchen in Melrose last night, and were pleased with the experience.

We got an order of Thai Rolls, Deluxe Crispy Chicken, and Pad Thai. The chicken dish was marked as 'spicy' (one star) on the menu, but even my fussy 8 year old didn't find it spicy. It was tasty, though. It did not come with rice, which was not evident from the menu. The Pad Thai and Thai rolls were good. The order of rolls contained four, which was nice.

We haven't had Thai takeout in a while, as the Duck Walk had been disappointing (and increasingly expensive) the last few times we'd been there. This was definitely better than recent takeout from the Duck Walk. My husband says it's not quite as good as the Thai Diner in Woburn, but I haven't been so I can't compare. All in all, it was solid takeout, and we'll definitely get it again.

Spice Thai Kitchen II
454 Franklin St, Melrose, MA 02176

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  1. Thanks for the review. I'm hoping to give it a try tonight! I wonder if it's the same menu as their Ipswich restaurant- does this look familiar?

    1. Thanks for this report - I was hoping this place would be good! I will have to try it soon.

      1. We ordered take out last night as well. We got pad thai and mango curry. It was definitely better than Duck Walk, and I'm sure we will go again. They were a little backed up on orders, but since they just opened I'm sure they still need to iron out their timing.

        1. We ordered tonight, same as you, betseyb. I thought the pad thai was fine, the Thai Rolls wre a bit odd- with spinach in them? The Crispy Chicken had a few odd stringy bits but the overall taste was fine, although I agree- the spice level was barely there. I'd order again... although I'd have to tread carefully because a large portion of the menu has bell peppers and I just can't eat them.

          I think Taste of Siam in Stoneham is a bit better. Haven't been to Thai Diner. I'm sad to hear that Duck Walk is going downhill. I have occasional cravings for their crispy tamarind duck but it doesn't travel that well and their prices annoy me a bit too much to eat there.

          1. Thanks for the post. Will definitely have to check it out soon. We made a trip to the Ducl Walk last week. I will say, our choices ere good. We got pad thai, garlic chicken and the stuffed chicken wings for an appetizer. All were good. We were there early during the week, and were the only diners! Had not been there for a while, and was not sure how it would be- but our choices were solid- and we were using a GC, so the prices did not matter! But to have a take out place near home is great- and delivery is even better!