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Apr 8, 2010 02:45 AM

A restaurant to catch up in (?) [London]

Looking for some help from people. Have a very old friend in town for a few days and going for dinner with him. We have much to catch up on (our chats tend to get more and more existential the more we drink!) and I cannot think of a suitable place to eat in. I was thinking something along the lines of a gentleman's club where the food is good (a contradiction?) and we can have a nice, quiet dinner before retiring to large comfortable armchairs and pretend we are in an episode of Yes, Minister. Ideally in Zone 1.

I am low on ideas at the moment. I think I am looking for a combination between Dean St. Townhouse, the bar at Claridge's, the Guinea Grill on Bruton St..

Does Goodman fit this profile? I haven't been there myself but heard great things.

Help much appreciated.

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  1. Rules?

    I know the restaurant part and the food fits your gents' club concept. Apparently now has a bar on the first floor which was liked by Dos Hermanos. They mention comfy sofas!

    Enjoy putting the world to rights.

    1. Hix has a fab bar downstairs with comfy chairs.

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      1. re: greedygirl

        Hix bar or Rules bar both good recs, but surely Rules has the more clubby atmosphere?

        1. re: skut

          Sure it's clubby, but also eye-wateringly expensive.

      2. I've always found Greens very ageeable.

        Sadly, GG, all clubby places in central London will be toppy (with the exception of clubs, of course, which are essentially run to cover costs rather than generate profit).

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        1. re: Robin Joy

          It's £12 for a cocktail in Rules, iirc. Mr GG had a non-alcoholic cocktail, which was £6!!

          1. re: greedygirl

            Is it really that much? Coo.

            A large whisky in Boodles about 1/3 of that!

            1. re: Robin Joy

              But you're not allowed in if you're of the female persuasion.

              1. re: greedygirl

                I have decided that Rules is the place. I know it's expensive but I have never been there and it does look great. We might take our post and pre drinks somewhere else though! Will report back. Thanks all!

                1. re: thelondonknowledge

                  Good decision. Service there is spot on for being unobtrusive so you and your pal won't be constantly interrupted by serving staff asking if everything is OK and other such nonsense.