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Apr 8, 2010 12:52 AM

[Oxford] Sourdough starter separating

My sourdough starter keeps separating. Why is this?

Reading a lot of posts about sourdough starters I seem to be quite lucky in that I have had a fair amount of success in creating them and producing bread. (I use the straight flour and water technique - referencing The River Cottage Bread Book if in doubt).

However, one issue I consistently experience is that the sourdough will separate causing a grayish, watery liquid to form on top. This doesn't usually hamper the starter's ability to 'start' the sourdough, but it does make it more difficult to discern when the starter is ready as it doesn't bubble as much.

Does anyone know why this happens - and if I am doing anything wrong? It's just none of the 'starter' literature seems to mention this.


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  1. 1. You're not feeding it regularly enough.

    2. Not sure this is in the right forum!

    1. Please feel free to do some reading about sourdough starters, formulas, maintaining the starter and usage at this great bread baking site:
      BTW, sourdough starter does separate into a layer of liquid on top, and the separation is quite normal: