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Apr 7, 2010 10:14 PM

Le Creuset New Color Marrionner

Hello all
On the search for new colors of Le Creuset here. I have found what I believe to be a new color. It is called Marrionner. Right now it is exclusive to a store in Hong Kong, Lane Crawford. It is a light copper color, very nice. I contacted Le Creuset and was told it is the same as the Truflle color at Bloomingdales. But that is a dark brown. Has anyone seen these colors in person.
I would like some help. Thanks all

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  1. Very interesting! But, looking at this site, the photo of the Cassis color is not at all what it really looks like either. So, maybe it is really the same as Truffle? Keep an eye out on eBay - there has been a number of colors from the Pacific available on there - Lilac Mist, Powder Blue, and Powder Pink recently.

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      Also, just FYI, the French word "marronnier" translates in English to "chestnut".

      1. re: rovergal

        The right bottom looks "Paprika"? If the Marronnier is the same as the Truffle, the pot is supposed to have a stainless knob as the truffle has? Anyway, these pinkish, lilac, and powder colors somehow remind me of " Coach" product lines one time when they tried hard to reinvent themselves from being traditional to trendy and mode :)

        1. re: hobbybaker

          FOLLOW UP
          I did get an email with photos and it does show one pot that is dark brown with a stainless steel knob, But this does in no way look like that photo in the bottom right.
          i have to assume by this that Marrionner is indeed truffle.

          1. re: calebtann

            Interesting. So, Paprika is the exclusive color for outlet (signature) shops; Marronier for high-end department stores, lilac and cassis for SLT, other colors including Citron for WS. Talking about lilac and cassis, I noticed them at Amazon carried by three vendors including, so they appear not to be exclusive for SLT anymore.



            1. re: calebtann

              NEW FOLLOWUP
              Le Creuset contacted me again and said MARRIONNER is indeed a new color and IS NOT like chestnut. I guess the new black, white and chestnut all come with the stainless steel knob. This new marrionner looks for like a light 'flame"

              1. re: calebtann

                The color isn't like Flame at all. It has no warm tones. It's an unappealing, shaded gray-brown or taupe, with a decided mauve cast. Food, especially braised food would look awful in it. I don't know what LC was thinking. They need a prettier version of their jade, and a soft, shaded, grayed lighter country blue. If they want to go crazy they should do a deep coral shading to cranberry. That would be so fresh and pretty!

                1. re: blondelle

                  Have you seen this new color in person? I like the color and am looking forward to seeing it for real.

                  1. re: calebtann

                    Yes, I've seen it in person several times and it's a taupe with a mauve cast shading to a deeper taupe with a stainless knob. I just think food, especially brownish, braised food, would look terrible in it. It's a dull, dreary, color. I also don't think the stainless knob looks good with that color.

                    1. re: blondelle

                      The pictures I was sent were a light copper color with a regular black phenolic knob from the store in Hong Kong which I am told is the only place you can find it. Maybe you are thinking of the truffle color from Bloomingdales which does have the stainless knob. I was told by Le Creuset this new Marrionner was not truffle and only found at this store Lane Crawford.
                      I hope they are right!

                      1. re: calebtann

                        Sorry, I was going by your original post in which you were told by LC it was Truffle. I forgot you had corrected that and found out it wasn't Truffle. I would be curious to see this new color too in person.