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Apr 7, 2010 08:01 PM

What do you think of this ham casserole idea?

I'm not a creative cooker/baker like some of you folks: I just follow recipes. But I'm already tired of the rich foods we had for Easter and would like to use up the leftover ham using rice instead of more cheesy potatoes.

I've got a casserole recipe that I often make with canned tuna or salmon: rice, tuna, mushroom soup with milk, peas or green beans, shredded cheddar, etc.--with a bread crumb topping.

Does it sound like it would work with ham instead of the tuna? I don't have any peas or green beans but I have some beautiful green onions. What do you think?

Also, the original recipe calls for dry mustard which I do put in even though you can't really taste it. Think I should double the amount--or would regular prepared mustard work better?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. I don't see why it wouldn't work instead of tuna; I'd keep in mind that ham is salty and cheddar has salt so cut back on your salt when seasoning. Mustard goes very well with ham; if you can't taste it with what you're already putting in and you want to taste it, add more.

    I've substituted prepared mustard in recipes asking for dry successfully. If you're using prepared, I don't know if I'd double it as it's stronger than dry but that's JMO

    1. I agree, ham would be just fine in this recipe. My mother used to make a very similar casserole with ham and broccoli, a good combo with the cheddar cheese. I would suggest using fresh asparagus, which is a nice flavor to go with ham. Granted, you probably don't have fresh asparagus laying around either ; ), but I think you will want some type of vegetable besides the green onions, for texture and balance.

      1. I too think that would work fine.

        You could also do a nice dish by mixing your rice, chopped ham, cheese, any vegies and a couple beatin eggs and making one big strudel using phyllo dough, bake it. Let it cool a bit, slice. Like this pic:

        1. For some reason I'm thinking maybe pineapple chunks?

          1. I would omit the cream of mushroom soup. Not only is it high in fat and cals, but high in salt and MSG, and it tends to overwhelm all the other flavors.

            I suggest using Arborio rice to get the creaminess we all like, and cooking the rice in chicken stock.

            Here's my take on your recipe.


            Leftover Ham
            Frozen Peas and carrots
            cheddar Cheese
            4 cups of Chicken Stock
            1 cup of Arborio Rice

            Melt butter in wide shallow pan. Chop onion and saute. Add the ham and cook with onion. Add the rice, and cook althogether for about 5 minutes, stirring. Add the chicken brother about 1/2 cup at a time, stirring. After the chicken stock is halfway gone, add the frozen peas and carrot. When the rice has abosorbed all the stock, and is the consistency you like, stir in the cheese. Enjoy.

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              Oh wow, thanks for this idea! We just bought a Zojurishi rice cooker and all different kinds of rice to try out. Bought arborio to make rice pudding but this would be a neat thing to try. I've got "The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook" and they have several risotto recipes to make in the rice cooker. I'm going to try this with the ham.