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Apr 7, 2010 07:49 PM


I did a search on this and ran across a thread about it, but it is a few years out of date.

Any thoughts on Mexican in the city other than Juan's? I don't have an issue with Juan's, I am just looking for Mexican and not hippie/rocker Mexican.

I had some awesome....something or other from a taco truck in the lower 9th ward, but it is a bit out of my way and I haven't come across it since. Has anyone tried the colorful one that hangs out on S. Claiborne?

How about that restaurant beside Angelo Brocatos?

Any other ideas?

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    1. Have heard very positive reviews re food and drinks at El Gato Negro.

      El Gato Negro Mexican Rstrnt
      81 French Market Pl, New Orleans, LA 70116

      1. Salsas por el Lago is really good

        Out by the Lakefront in the former Voodoo BBQ building across the street from Russell's Marina Grill

        1. The taco truck on Claiborne at the corner of Eagle is Taqueria D.F., and it's excellent. Strongly recommend.

          1. The Claiborne taco truck uptownlibrarian recommended (and you asked about) is definitely good. I'm also a fan of the Frenchman taco truck which parks at a gas station on Louisiana and Claiborne during the day. Now that I think about it (I wasn't what you'd call sober last time I was on Frenchman), that taco truck has shifted it's night enterprise to the Blue Nile for some reason.

            Taqueria Corona can be quite good depending on what you order. I've Taqueria Guerrero in Mid-City (the one you referneced) is very good too, though I've never been. I also read about Taco San Miguel in Fat City as being a more than worthwhile.

            Taco San Miguel
            2120 N Claiborne Ave, New Orleans, LA 70116

            Taqueria Corona
            1827 Hickory Ave, New Orleans, LA 70123

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              Taqueria Guerrero is good, but Taco San Miguel is indeed more than worthwhile. I think if forced to choose, that would be my favorite brick and mortar Mexican place in the city. You should definitely try to make it out there ASAP.

              I too have very fond but fuzzy thoughts on the Frenchmen St. truck. Their tacos really hit the spot. And I think I had a tamale from there one night that was pretty good?

              I tried the "carnital knowledge" tacos from the new-ish Taceaux Loceaux truck last weekend, and was a little disappointed. There was a lot of cabbage and not so much carnitas in the tacos, and they were kind of expensive at I believe $6.50 for 2.

              Taco San Miguel
              3517 20th St, Metairie, LA 70002

              1. re: gastrotect

                So I actually visited two of these locations this weekend. Friday I had tacos from Taqueria DF (the taco truck on Claiborne near the parish line) and they were fantastic. New favorite spot for tacos and at 1.50 per taco, I can afford for them to be my favorite. 6 meats: Beef, Chicken, Pork Skin (Chicharrones), Carnitas, Beef Tongue, and Chorizo. They do tacos, quesadillas, and sandwiches (unsure of the name).

                I also visited Frenchman and the taco truck has indeed moved inside. It is inside Cafe Negrile (not Blue Nile) and the tacos were delicious, though not getting them from a truck takes a small something away.

                1. re: gastrotect

                  All right! Sounds like you had a better weekend than I did (working a lot for FQF). The sandwiches are tortas. I prefer tacos, but the tortas at D.F. are worth a try if you've never had one. As you say, it's hardly a wallet-busting investment.