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Venue Suggestions for a Networking Event (Downtown Toronto)

Hi there,

Does anyone have any venue suggestions for a professional gathering/networking event for 15-20 people (downtown Toronto)? We're planning this event after work on a weekday.

In the past, we've booked a private room in a restaurant; however, usually this means a couple of large tables, which don't allow for much mingling with others that aren't immediately around you. Ideally, I'd like to find a place where we can order a bunch of appetizers and drinks and be able to walk around and talk...perhaps a room with a few smaller tables with some breathing room to chat and walk around? I welcome any suggestions that you may have...

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Maybe beerbistro? I remember having a look at their private dining room and I think it can be set up as either a dining room or with smaller tables.

    1. Did you check out the private room on the second floor of Globe Bistro?


      1. This is a shot in the dark, but what about a gastropub? The Queen and Beaver website seems to indicate availability of private rooms/separate space, and it might be a nice option if you're looking for something slightly more casual.

        1. Thanks so much everyone for your suggestions!

          There's a minimum spend at Beerbistro and, as I'm not entirely sure how many people will show up, I wouldn't want to pick up the tab if in the event we fall short!

          Globe Bistro looks great but it's a little bit out of the way. I'd like to make it really convenient as many will be downtown (e.g., in the financial district).

          I'll be giving The Queen and Beaver a call shortly! It looks like a nice casual venue that might work out well!

          Thanks again. Cheers!

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            You may also want to check out Duggan's on Victoria.

          2. C'est What has two private rooms off the main room, behind the bar. I've attended a few networking events in that space (both spaces combined).

            C'est What
            67 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E1B5, CA

            1. I would recommend Crush Wine Bar or Reds Bistro

              1. Hey There!

                I used to run a meetup group and still run a lot of networking events. The last one I did was at Pravda Vodka Bar for 30 people. They sat us across from the bar upstairs with the big long table in the middle. People could mingle, walk around and order directly from the bar too. They also accomodated separate bills for our party. $6 martini list from 5-7 PM.

                I also heard that the Fionn MacCool's on University has a private room they will give you with no minimum spend.

                I have done meetups and The Drake Hotel lounge in the past - lots of couches and great for mingling! Cheap drinks from 5-7 PM. If it's warm the sky yard is good too.

                Lisa - The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide @ http://www.hipurbangirl.com

                The Drake Hotel
                1150 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

                1. For a group that size a lot places can do it, but will also require a minimum spend. This is a very common problem for a booking/event this size (I've run into the same issue before many times). Are you near the financial district? Some suggestions (you will have to check about the minimum):

                  - Terroni on Adelaide (has a private room downstairs and one upstairs also)

                  - Beerbistro

                  - Duke of Devon (TD Tower, pub in concourse - they have a separate room)

                  - Pravda (very cool space, good for drinks & snacks but the menu is limited)

                  - Spice Route Asian Bistro & Bar (I've been to a few networking events there - its good for that with nice finger foods)

                  - Irish Embassy Pub (I think they have a downstairs area in the corner that's a bit more private)

                  Have heard good things about Queen & Beaver but haven't been there.

                  I am a **huge fan** of C'est What for great indie music and meeting friends - but wouldn't typically choose it for a professional business meeting (unless it is a very casual event). Great place to hang out, though.

                  Duke of Devon
                  66 Wellington St. West, Toronto, ON M5K 1H1, CA

                  1. P.S. I really like The Drake lounge, too. Haven't used it for networking events though because it can get pretty loud if busy or if they blare music, and it's a bit inconvenient to get to if everyone is located near the financial district, or proximety to the subway is important (not sure if it matters here).

                    1. All great suggestions! Thanks so much. I ended up calling the Queen and Beaver. But I will definitely consider the other recommended venues for future events. Cheers!